• Start of the Seventh Seros War
  • -108 DR to -106 DR
    The morkoth of the Theocracy of the Deep Ones attack the merfolk cities Es'rath and Hmurrath on two fronts. They free the Emerald Eye of Kyron, using it with astonishing effectiveness. »

  • -108 DR [Year of Wands]
  • A clandestine order of witches emerges near Lake Tirulag and makes itself known to the folk of Rashemen. Of Raumviran ancestry, they are sworn to preserve the lore and learning of the Empire of Raumathar. »

  • Humans displaced by the Orc Marches rebuild and resettle Illusk. The city again operates as a magocracy under the Grand Cabal. »

  • -107 DR [Year of Tapestries]
  • The Krakenscourge resurfaces during the Seventh Seros War in the hands of a storm giant adventurer named Lorthar of the Waves. »

  • -106 DR [Year of the Valorous Kobold]
  • Lorthar dies in combat with a legion of elite morkoth warriors during one of the last battles of the Seventh Seros War. The Krakenscourge briefly falls into the hands of the Theocracy of the Deep Ones before it is reclaimed by the tritons, whose unexpected emergence from the deeper trenches of the sea ensures the morkoths' defeat. »

  • End of the Seventh Seros War
    The war ends with the surprising appearance of ling-hidden triton forces from the deeper trenches of the sea. Breaking the back of the Theocracy and sending the morkoth fleeing back into the depths, the tritons help maintain the balance among the shalarins and the morkoths on the floor of Seros. »

  • Birth of Inrath I Mirandor, son of Ornrath and future king of Impiltur. »