• The First Age of Shanatar
  • -10800 DR to -8137 DR:
    Shield dwarves mark the founding of Alatorin as the beginning of the First Great Age of Shanatar. »

  • The Founding Time / Age of the Proud Peoples
  • -9000 DR to -3000 DR
    This era signals the rise of all the humanoid civilizations, in a time when the many dragons and giants were long overthrown and the elf wars no longer loomed over everyone as a treat. The elf realms of Evereska and Evermeet grow by colonization along with other realms, from the human lands of Unther and Coramshan to the dwarf realms of High Shanatar and Oghrann. »

  • -9000 DR
  • Spawn Wars
    Skirmishes break out between the eight subkingdoms of Shanatar as each fights to extend its borders at the expense of its neighbors. Over time, the skirmishes evolve into open warfare, pitting thousands of dwarves against one another. This series of conflicts is known as the Spawn Wars because the dwarves make extensive use of deepspawn-bred legions. »

  • The First Spider War
  • -8170 DR to -8150 DR
    The drow of Guallidurth take advantage of the dwarves civil war of Shanatar to attack the caverns of Alatorin, which were far removed from the front line of fighting. Brightaxe Hall is captured, and the kingdom of Alatorin falls. »

  • The Second Spider War
  • -8145 DR to -8137 DR
    Aghast at their folly, the eight reigning kings of Shanatar forge an armistice and turn their armies against the drow. The drow are overcome and retreat from the caverns of Alatorin. In triumph, the eight kings march their armies back into Brightaxe Hall and pledge never again to fight one another. »

  • Second Age of Shanatar
  • -8137 DR to -5960 DR
    The eight shield dwarf tribes of Shanatar are united under the rule of the king of Ultoksamrin. Within 150 years, trade is under way with surface elves. »