• Age of Humanity
  • -3000 DR to 1358 DR
    With the elf and dwarf empires in decline, this era marks a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The Mighty human empires of Calimshan, Mulhorand, and Unther arise during this era, as well as the now lost empires of Nethril, Jhaamdath, Narfell, and Raumathar.

    Towards the end of this era is a time of exploration and discovery, when new continents are discovered in the west (such as Maztica) and trade is reestablished with the east (Kara-Tur). The Great Glacier retreats, uncovering the realms of Vaasa and Damara. »

  • c. -3000 DR
  • A clan of dwarves from the Brightstar Lake region begins digging into the cliffs along the edge of the Black Ash Plain. They awaken the brown dragon Vulpomyscan, who eats their leaders and enslaves the remaining dwarves. He puts them to work excavating and mining. Over the centuries, the dwarves and their decedents begin to worship him in what is to be called the Citadel of Black Ash. »

  • The dwarven realm of Ammarindar flourishes. »

  • The Gate of Iron is built by dwarves to protect the region of present-day Durpar and Ulgarth from the Imaskari empire. »

  • Tibold, in present-day Erlkazar, is founded as an outpost of the dwarves of High Shanatar to resist the Second Calimshan Empire's advances. »

  • A quick, bloody civil war leaves all Lolth-worshiping matriarchs dead in Sshamath, and the house wizards in control. »

  • Sloopdilmonpolop, the City of Pools, is founded by the kuo-toas in the Underdark off the coast of Tethyr. »

  • The couatls seek out another race to keep the western end of the Chultan Penninsula free of yuan-ti influence. On a distant continent southwest of Faerun, the couatls begin to preach the teachings of Ubtao to the indigenous human tribes. »

  • Illuskan humans of Ruathym found the settlement of Illusk at the mouth of the River Mirar and displace local Ice Hunter tribes. »

  • -2954 DR
  • On the plane of Shadow, Sphur Upra is founded as a gloaming community when five gloaming families on the Plane of Shadow band together for mutual defense. »

  • Ioulaum creates the enclave of Xinlenal, Netheril's first floating city by cutting off the top of the Rampant Peaks and using the inverted piece to build his enclave on. The empire splits into Low and High Netheril. »

  • -2940 DR
  • A weather-controlling mythallar is established in Zenith. However, the brutal weather continued to be a problem for those who chose to remain in the fishing village. It did become a popular destination for Angardt and Rengarth tribes, but its importance to the Netherese diminished to the point that Zenith is all but forgotten. »

  • -2919 DR
  • The Ironstar Kingdom of shield dwarves is founded in the North under the lone Ironstar clan. »

  • -2900 DR
  • The increadibly ancient coronal Kahvoerm dies upon placing his selu'taar upon the hilt of the Ruler's Blade. His fourth son attempts to take his place, but the Ruler's Blade rejects him and destroys the greedy elf in a gout of greenish flame. Sakrattars Irithyl, the youngest of the coronal's great-grandsons, takes up the blade and is proclaimed coronal by ancient blade-rite, as was Kahvoerm. So begins the Second Rysar of Cormanthyr. »

  • -2886 DR
  • The Rengarth village of Vandal Station is created in Netheril. »

  • -2885 DR
  • Birth of Halavar of Netheril, most likely in the town of Palter. »

  • -2872 DR
  • The faerzress around the drow city of Sshamath vanishes, leaving the drow of the city bereft of their magic. The city is on the brink of disaster.

    Fortunately, in the three centuries before the faerzress collapse, Sshamath's matron mothers gave birth to an unusually large number of males. This imbalance leads to the sizable expansion of the city's corps of skilled wizards and a corresponding decrease in the number of Lolth priestesses. Coupled with its relative geographic isolation from hostile rivals, the abundance of wizards leaves Sshamath uniquely positioned to survive.

    As the scope of the disaster became apparent, Sshamath's wizards initiated wave after wave of expeditions to plunder Netheril, Oghrann, and other lost realms. Lesser mages repaired or duplicated every artifact and fabrication, initiating a burst of creative output that leads to countless new magical creations and incantations. Over time, the role of the noble houses and the matron mothers fade (but never disappear), and the true power in the city shifts to those largely responsible for its continued existence - the archmages. »

  • -2855 DR
  • Originally the 3,000-ogre community of Chanth, Canlespiere comes under Netherese control during a bloody battle. It seems that the ogres had no intention of departing the area so that the Netherese arcanist Miren could take control of the river town. Their refusal to move from the fertile lands prompted an armed response.

    The week-long purging of the ogres from Chanth soon stretched into an ongoing battle that lasted seven years as the Netherese forces sought out various strongholds of ogre resistance. This seven-year purge becomes known as the Ogres' Stand. While 3,000 ogres lost their lives, the creatures also claimed nearly 2,000 warriors and low-level arcanists in trade. »

  • -2811 DR
  • There are now a total of 13 floating Netherese cities (Enclaves). »

  • -2809 DR
  • The Eshowe, the Tabaxi, and the Thinguth tribes, as well as several others that accepted Ubtao's message, follow the couatls in a great pilgramage across the seas of the Jungles of Chult. The tribes land on the Wild Coast and march inland to the Peaks of the Flame, where the avatar of Ubtao welcomes them. »

  • Long enslaved human tribes of the eastern jungles (Mhair Jungles), known as the Lapal, rebel against their serpentine masters (yuan-ti). »