• The Nemrut period of Imaskar
  • -8350 DR to -7975 DR
    A splinter tribe of the ancient Durpari traveled northeast to settle in the fertile basin of the Raurin Plateau (which later becomes the Raurin Desert). These tribes folk called themselves Imaskari. They lived in tribal communities ruled by chiefs and the warrior aristocracy. The spread of agriculture during this time led to a rising population and the founding of the many farming villages on the plateau. »

  • -8123 DR
  • Imaskari artificers create the first permanent extradimensional space. Their fascination with such magic soon transforms Imaskari city design. »

  • The Early Dynastic period of Imaskar
  • -7975 DR to -6422 DR
    This period was marked primarily by the Imaskari elite's mastery of transdimensional magic. The artificers used this knowledge to create a sprawling network of portals, which allowed them to cross vast distances in the blink of an eye. These permanent, two-way portals were constructed as circles of massive bronze spires, each etched with an intricate runic design said to be batrachi in origin. These Bukhara Spires allowed whole legions to pass swiftly from one domain to the next, precipitating the rapid expansion of the Imaskari Empire across eastern Faerun. By the end of the Early Dynastic period, the empire's borders reached from the Great Ice Sea to the Golden Water, and from the Alamber Sea to the Katakoro Plateau in Kara-Tur. »