• Start of the Tenth Seros War
  • 709 DR to 750 DR
    This is the start of more than seven separate civil wars that tear apart Hmurrath, pitting nearly all the races against each other, with conflicts between all races living in the Inner Sea. »

  • c. 715 DR
  • The civil wars of the Tenth Seros War might have died down earlier, but the interjection of Myth Drannan refugees into the sea elven population saw a sudden back lash of concern that the elves were trying to restore the 1,000-years-fallen Aryselmalyr empire. »

  • 717 DR [Year of the Druid's Wrath]
  • End of the Dukars
    The Dukars have remained outside the Hmurran civil wars aside from protecting bystanders and innocents and upholding the Laws of Battle. During this year, of which few facts are known, the Dukars slowly withdraw from all political sectors of Seros. By year's end, the Dukars vanish and their schools either disappear or remain mute behind massive, impenetrable shields of magic. »

  • 720 DR [Year of the Dawn Rose]
  • With the Dukars absent, sahuagin raiding parties slaughter the remaining sea elf and merfolk guardians and look to destroy as much of Myth Nantar as possible, though they soon abandon the city due to the uncomfortable nature (for them) of the cities mythal. »

  • 727 DR [Year of the Purloined Throne]
  • Rise of Keryvyr
    Unnoticed during the Tenth Seros War, sea elves clear and resettle a portion of the cliffs above the Haunted Plains (the Bay of Yhaunn off Sembia). Within twenty-five years, this grows into a string of cities and outposts spanning the western cliffs. »

  • 735 DR [Year of the Prophet's Child]
  • Rise of the merfolk kingdom of Eadraalcentered on the city of Voalidru just off the Hmur Plateau in Seros, Selana the Peacemaker (who is crowned Queen and first ruler of Eadraal) brings some merfolk back into harmony with Seros as she founds Eadraal in the city of Voalidru just off the plateau. The rise of Eadraal does not end the war, as Eadraal exists for the next fifteen years as but one city, an ideal of peace among all races and merfolk, and a line of noble merfolk whose drive to restore peace rises above all the chaos of war. »

  • 750 DR [Year of the Dying Dwarf]
  • End of the Tenth Seros War
    This war destorys the last warring remnants of Hmurrath, though other casualties include an ixitxachitl baron's plan to take over the plateau. Eadraal, having absorbed all of fallen Hmurrath's territory, is now the largest nation to survive into the Forth Epoch, followed by Keryvyr and its sea elf allies to the west and north. »