• 1188 DR [Year of the Soft Fogs]
  • Pryntaler Obarskyr meets with a group of Sembians, consisting of Kodlos, Homfast, Lady Threnka, Old Bennesey and Jollitha Par to discuss the border between Cormyr and Sembia and the ownership of Marsember.

    During the discussions that lasted many days, Pryntaler is attacked by an abraxus, which poisons Juarkin and Thessilion Crownsilver. The High Wizard of Cormyr, Jorunhast, disables the abraxus and it is used as a diplomatic tool to force the Sembians to concede that Marsember is now part of Cormyr and the Thunder Gap is the border between the two nations. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • King Azoun IV Obarskyr, Baron Thomdor Ammaeth, Duke Bhereu Ammaeth, and Aunadar Bleth go out on a hunt (It was rumored that Tanalasta Obarskyr and Aunadar were sharing a romance). The king, baron, and duke are poisoned by an abraxus, but not before the four is able to defeat the creature.
    Azoun IV falls into a coma-like state.
    Thomdor falls into a coma-like state.
    Bhereu also falls into a coma-like state, but dies soon after.
    Aunadar excapes unscathed only to be revealed as a traitor and later killed.

    The remains of the abraxus is brought back to the royal palace for examination by Laspeera Inthre and Emthrara Undril. Lord Dimswart discovers that the affliction is a venom that spreads a blood disease resistant to magic, causing internal organ damage.

    With the king unable to rule, speculation spreads that Vangerdahast would seize control of Cormyr as Regent, a view perpetrated by Aunadar. The heir, Tanalasta did not want to rule, but when Vangerdahast presented to her a writ previously signed by Filfaeril (the Queen) to appoint Vangerdahast as regent, Tanalasta refuses to sign.

    The treacherous nobles are exiled from Cormyr. Some disgraced members of House Bleth and House Cormaeril emigrate to Westgate, quickly establishing themselves as important members of Westgate's merchant nobility thanks to the disarray amongst the city's older houses stemming from the events of the year before. House Cormaeril claims the holdings of the Dhostar family, as a niece of the recently deceased family patriarch had married into that Cormyrean family. House Bleth begins constructing its own castle west of town, in keeping with the relatively recent construction of Castle Dhostar (renamed Castle Cormaeril) west of the city walls.

    Most of the lands and wealth lost by house Bleth and Cormaeril are given to house Wyvernspur.

    Baron Thomdor Ammaeth dies sometime later this year. »