• 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 6 The Ship of the Gods volcano in the Alamber erupts, and priests of Geb in the Golden Forge temple within fail to prevent the eruption but mitigate the damage to Mulhorand by venting lava across the sea bed. This causes a tidal wave that swamps the Alaor and Bezantur. Mulhorand briefly seizes the Alaor.

    Soon after the Ship of the Gods erupts, a great subsea explosion shakes rooftops in Airspur and Delthuntle, and the resulting waves cause some damage to their ports.

    The volcano south of Aleaxtis rumbles and erupts, though aquatic earthquakes open fissures along the floor of the Alamber Sea and allow the volcano to expend much of its force and lava along the sea floor. The magma flow both destroys the capital of Vahaxtyl and more than half of the upper hierarchy of the sahuagin kingdom of Aleaxtis, including the king. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Demascus the Deva is alive in a new incarnation at the site of his previous death and makes his way to Airspur.

    While in Airspur he has a chance meeting with a pawnbroker named Chant Morven. Unknown to Demascus, his previous incarnation had left a powerful magic scarf with the pawnbroker for safekeeping. Immediately after Chant returns the scarf, it is stolen by a rogue named Riltana. Demascus and Chant track Riltana to the Sepulcher, a secret cave complex behind Akanawater Falls, and retrieves the scarf. Riltana agrees to help Demascus track the demon he believes he is intended to destroy.

    The trio hears rumors that the Firestorm Cabal was conducting dark rituals so they go to the organization's headquarters at the Motherhouse to snoop around. They bluff their way into a meeting with the cabal's lieutenant. The cabal was attempting to track down recent demonic activity in Akanul and Demascus agrees to investigate a wizard named Chevesh who has a reputation for conducting forbidden experiments. This lead proves fruitless and the trio returns to the Motherhouse to find it burned to the ground while they had been away.

    Riltana uses her friendship with Queen Arathane's niece, Carmenere, to obtain an audience with the Queen who instructs Demascus to investigate the ruins of the Motherhouse. While exploring the vaults beneath the Motherhouse, the group finds members of the Cabal who were involved with the Cult of the Elder Elemental Eye. The trio is taken prisoner by a demon named Murmur and are about to be sacrificed but managed to escape.

    The demon Murmur is killed by the deva Demascus, thus fulfilling his obligation to Oghma. »

  • Marpenoth Queen Arathane asks the Deva Demascus and Riltana to investigate potential trouble at an arambarium mine on Ithimir Isle off the coast of Akanul. While investigating, they stumble upon a drow plot to steal arambarium lead by a priestess of Lolth from Menzoberranzan named Chenraya Xorlarrin.

    Demascus, Riltana, Arathane and Chant and Jaul Morven sail to Ithimir Isle and fight Chenraya and her minions. During the battle, Chenraya collapses the ceiling on Demascus but he is able to escape with the help of Madri. Unfortunately, the drow are able to transmute the arambarium into a staff and escape. The group travel back to Airspur and enter a portal to the Demonweb Pits in the catacombs just as Chenraya was completing a ritual to open a gate to Menzoberranzan. Demascus interrupts the ritual and grabs most of the arambarium staff from Chenraya as she entered the gate. »

  • The Choir kidnaps a number of residents from Airspur and takes them to its shrine in Tohrepur.

    Lord Khault, the leader of the Choir, is slain by the half-elf Brindani. Brindani himself later dies from injuries he received during the fight. »