• c. -400 DR
  • Around this time, the Lost Sage Augathra the Mad travels the world. She divines many of the names in the Roll of Years, building on the work of other prophets, particularly those of the Netherese wizard known as the Terraseer. During the day, her visions cause her to devise the Roll of Years upon which the seer Alaundo built his work, but at night - gripped by fervered nightmares - she scribes a different set of names. These dark visions drives her travels, and as they continue she grows ever more insane, thus earning her moniker. This second set of years, the Black Chronology, is a secret lost with Augathra and remains undiscovered for over 1,000 years. »

  • -22 DR [Year of the Broached Gates]
  • Birth of Alaundo "the Seer". »

  • 75 DR [Year of Clinging Death]
  • Alaundo, later famous as "Alaundo the Seer", arrives in Candlekeep. A quiet, learned man of unknown origins (though his stray comments led colleagues to believe he grew up in a Sword Coast port city), Alaundo extended the Roll of Years greatly by naming many years in the far future. At Candlekeep, a belief arose that Alaundo dreamed, and "saw" future events, but had to work through repeated dreamings to place them precisely in time. Some say gods inspired him, or that he was the secret avatar of a god, but he remains a mystery. He came to Candlekeep to read the writings of others, books fascinated him lifelong. »

  • 76 DR [Year of Windsong]
  • Death of Alaundo "the Seer". Candlekeep becomes a haven for the veneration of his prophecies and knowledge.

    His skull is stolen shortly after his death and is considered a priceless relic, venerated by the faithful of Deneir and Oghma. It becomes greatly sought after by the illithids of Oryndoll. »