• 329 DR [Year of the Closed Scroll]
  • Ioulaum is apparently slain by a cabal of Illithidliches. In revenge, his apprentice Tabra slaughters the illithids of Ellyn'taal. (In truth, Ioulaum is not dead, instead he had transfered his mind into that of an elder brain and now goes by the title 'The Oracle of Ellyn'taal'). »

  • 697 DR [Year of the Triton's Horn]
  • The Dark Mother of Shar, Lalondra Worul seeks and achieves lichdom. Many of Lalondra's servants die, due to the life linkage magic Lalondra had established with them. Many of the underpriests of Shar riot throughout the Sword Coast, sweeping away the power of the Dark Goddess overnight. Uncarring, Lalondra walks her way in dark places beneath the earth seeking to conquer a new realm for Shar. Displeased, Shar deserts her, stripping away her spells and leaving her only Gorothir's Girdle. Alone and defenseless, lost in the caverns infested with drow and alhoon, Lalondra does not last long. »

  • 1250 DR [Year of the Riven Skull]
  • A plot to enslave nearby Waterdeep is derailed when a surprise attack by githyanki (secretly engineered by the illithilich Aulagol) leads to the mortal injury of the elder brain of Ch'Chitl. Though the elder brain does not perish immediately, its demise was certain, which would lead to the end of Ch'Chitl. In desperation, the ulitharid Thalynsar formulates a plan to preserve the powers and memories of the elder brain through undeath. Thalynsar transformes itself and several other illithids into illithiliches, and together these new elders devour the elder brain. As the most powerful of the resulting Concord of Elders, Thalynsar attempts to keep the majority of the elder brain's lore within itself, but the great amount of knowledge slowly drives Thalynsar insane.

    Some accounts list this event in the year 1362 DR. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Highharvestide The lich Priamon "Frostrune" Rakesk and the alhoon Ralayan the Ocultacle of the Twisted Rune kidnap Halaster Blackcloak from his seat of power in Undermountain. Halaster's Highharvestide results in the destruction of the village of Geniste and other chaos across Faerun, until his rescue by a group of adventurers.

    Piergeiron Paladinson destroys the dracolich Kistarianth the Red on the slopes of Mount Waterdeep during Halastar's Harvestide. The transformed red dragon was slain in life by Piergeiron's father, Athar the Shining Knight.

    The female old blue dragon Araugauthos the Bluetalon escapes from Undermountain during Halaster's Highharvestide. After slaying a great wyrm red dragon that laired near Citadel Amnur and claiming his hoard, she flies south to rejoin her mother Iryklathagra. »