• -1161 DR
  • In Calimshan, Ali el Samesaj saves the daughter of a Drakhon sultan from kidnapers, and he comes to the notice of Syl-Pahsa Adjam Drakhon, her grandfather. As a reward, he becomes a fixture in the sultan's court and his unofficial court wizard. »

  • -1153 DR
  • Ali el Samesaj saves the sultan from assassination by others of his court, though the magical battle destorys much of Hapij Sabban. He rises to the title of the Sultan's Vizir and Druzir of the Seven Sages Drudach as a reward for his loyalty. »

  • -1130 DR
  • The Battle of the Samesaj Gate:
    The eastern garrison of Akkabbel (present-day Ithal Pass) is the scene of great victory for Calimshan, as the besieged forces of Akkabbel gain reinforcements from Calimport through a magical portal. They break the siege and inflict great losses on the beholders. The portal remains intact after the battle, but only its caster (the vizir Ali el Samesaj) knows that it is keyed to the full moon's light more than other magic. This great victory over the beholder forces sees Samesaj raised to the title of Grand Vizir at the right hand of Syl-Pasha Ruj el Drakhon. »

  • 117 DR [Year of the Swinging Pendulum]
  • Birth of Leodom III (originally named Ali) Cormal, seventeenth son of Leodom II of Tethyr. »