• 762 DR [Year of the Snow Sword]
  • Endue Alustriel Silverhand (EluĂ© Dualen to the elves) is born in Silvermoon Tower near Neverwinter. Her parents are the human noble Dornal Silverhand and his sorceress wife, the half-elf Elue Shundar. Elue was possessed by the goddess Mystra, so as to birth mortal servants for herself. »

  • 815 DR [Year of the Heavy Heart]
  • Alustriel Silverhand of the Seven Sisters, disguised as Elue Dualen, arrives in Silverymoon and becomes fast friends with High Lady Amaara Nharimlur. »

  • 821 DR [Year of the Firewall]
  • Elue Dualen (actually Alustriel under a different name) and Lynnasha Nharimlur establish the Lady's College in Silverymon. »

  • 843 DR [Year of Amber]
  • The High Lady Amaara, Elue Dualen (Alustriel Silverhand), Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur and three other mages casting in concert create the magical Moonbridge of Silverymoon. »

  • 857 DR [Year of Forgotten Fame]
  • Elue Dualen (Alustiel Silverhand) becomes High Lady Mage of Silverymoon by decree of the resigning Amaara Nharimlur, who embarks on a voyage to fabled Evermeet in the company of her elven mother, Elenaril, she is one of the few half-elves ever graced with this privilege. »

  • 861 DR [Year of the Exploding Orl]
  • Sammaster meets and begins a relationship with Elue Dualen (Alustriel Silverhand), High Lady Mage of Silverymoon. »

  • 864 DR [Year of the Broken Branch]
  • Sammaster's relationship with Alustriel ends with disastrous results for Sammaster's emotional and mental well-being. »

  • 875 DR [Year of the Stricken Star]
  • Algashon coerces Sammaster to attack Alustriel, intending to steal her silver fire through a vile ceremony while she was at a disadvantage. However, Alustriel called on Elminster and Laeral, and together the three Chosen killed Sammaster. Azuth then appears and strips Sammaster's body of its silver fire. After they depart, Algashon resurrects Sammaster who is now quietly mad but still blessed with long life and the ability to heal quickly.

    In the years that follow, Sammaster draws on his own translation of Maglas's prophecy, Algashon's whisperings, and ancient tomes unearthed from ruins beneath the Anauroch and Raurin deserts. Sammaster and Algashon founded the first Dragon Cult cell in the city of Chondathan (now the Sembian city of Saerloon) and set about creating all manner of draconic undead. »

  • 876 DR [Year of the Toothless Skulls]
  • High Lady Mage Elue (Alustriel) leaves her rule and Silverymoon abruptly, accompanied by Lynnasha "Lynx" Nharimlur and Tulrun. Warlord Lashtor (the Warlord of Silverymoon) takes control of the city and begins to persecute its mages. »

  • 1235 DR [Year of the Black Horde]
  • Warlord of Silverymoon Khallos Shieldsunder seizes control of Siverymoon while it is besieged by the orcs of the Black Horde and has his rule usurped in turn by the mage Shallos Ethenfrost.

    A harper army led by Alustriel and Storm Silverhand destroys the besieging orcs at the Battle of Tumbleskulls with the unlooked-for aid of the archmage Tulrun of the Tent.

    Alustriel slays the self-proclaimed High Mage Shallos Ethenfrost in spellbattle. Alustriel is unanimously elected by the people of Silverymoon to rule as High Lady Mage. »

  • 1255 DR [Year of the Raging Flame]
  • The Spellguard is established as a personal bodyguard force for Alustriel in Silverymoon. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • Prince Dhanar II "the Younger" and Princess Rasa Parhek (twins), sons of Dhanar Parhek and Dornar Steelsar, are born in Amn. Dhanar II is sent to Tethyrian Court for protection, Rasa is sent to Silverymoon in the care of High Lady Alustriel Silverhand. »

  • 1272 DR [Year of the Shrieker]
  • Zhentarim wizards and priests of Bane and Myrkul raise an army of undead, orcs and other creatures to asault Silverymoon but are repelled by Alustriel Silverhand and her Spellguard. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Kythorn Another great flight of dragons raid the Dalelands and the surrounding area. Maddened dragons from the Great Gray Land of Thar attack Phlan and Yulash, they are reduced to rubble.

    Zhentil Keep is heavily damaged and Arabel, Hillsfar, and Suzail fight off powerful dragons.

    Sylune Silverhand, (who was living in Shadowdale at the time) defeated three dragon (one red) by breaking a staff of the magi in a retribution strike, Sylune also dies.

    Silverymoon is spared when a wave of dragons is diverted away. However, the city is in morning with Lady Alustriel Silverhand (Sylune's sister).

    The Cult of the Dragon claims responsibility, but the true cause remains a mystery. »

  • The Companions of the Hall find lost Mithral Hall while being pursued by Artemis Entreri, who had kidnapped Catti-brie. In Luskan, Artemis allies himself with the wizard, Dendybar the Mottled of the Hosttower of the Arcane, who wants to gain information on the whereabouts of the Crystal Shard. The wizard sends his apprentice Sydney, along with his golem (Bok) and a soldier named Jierdan.

    Inside Mithral Hall, Drizzt gets separated with Entrari, and the two are forced to cooperate to survive. The rest of the Companions believe that Drizzt had died, Bruenor takes Drizzt's scimitar "Icingdeath". Bruenor slays the shadow dragon Haerinvureem (Shimmergloom) by setting himself and the dragon on fire (though Bruenor survives thanks to the power of Drizzt's scimitar "Icingdeath", which protects its possessor from fire). The surviving members of the Companion believe that Bruenor has died while they are reunited with Drizzt.

    Artemis Entreri kidnaps Regis and flees to Calimport, he also has in his possession the magical onyx figurine that summons Guenhwyvar, which he had stolen from Drizzt while they were together. Drizzt and Wulfgar give pursuit to rescue Regis and Guenwyvar. Along the way, they visit the wizard Malchor Harpell at the Twilight Tower, who gives Drizzt the elven forged magical scimitar "Twinkle".

    Meanwhile, Bruenor has survived his journey through the under-tunnels of Mithral Hall, and is rescued by Alustriel. Bruenor and Catti-brie travel to Drizzt and Wulfgar riding a flying flaming chariot conjured by Alustriel. Bruenor saves Drizzt and Wulfgar, who were being attacked by pirates.

    In Calimport, the Companions rescue Regis and Guenwyvar, and destroy Pahsa Pook's guild. Drizzt and Artemis duel, but a clear victor is not made evident. The Companions return to Mithral Hall, while Regis remains in Calimport to run the former pasha's operations. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Bruenor Battlehammer retakes Mithral Hall (with aid from his fellow Companions of the Hall, soldiers from Silverymoon and his dwarven clan, dwarves from Citadel Adbar led by Dagna Waybeard, and wizards from the Harpell family) from the minions of the now dead shadow dragon Haerinvureem (Shimmergloom) and is crowned the eighth king of Mithral Hall. The first mithral goods begin coming to market in late autumn.

    Heading to Silverymoon at the invitation of Alustriel, Drizzt comes acros the path of a band of monsters and their slaves. Joining with a band of farmers from Pengallen, they defeat the band, though not before one of the slaves, a goblin named Nojheim, escapes. Having been told the goblin was a captured war band leader who was to have a trial, Drizzt tracks him down and returns him, whereupon he learns that Nojheim is as temperamentally different a goblin as Drizzt is a drow. Traveling to Silverymon to appeal to Alustriel's sense of justice, Drizzt isn't there to stop Nojheim's owner from hanging him. »

  • Lady Alustriel forges an alliance with Bruenor Battlehammer of Mithril Hall and helps defend the dwarf halls against the drow of Menzoberranzan led by House Baenre. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Battle of Keeper's Dale
    House Baenre leads an army of drow, goblins, and kobolds out of Menzoberranzen to attack the dwarves of Mithral Hall (but after visiting Blingdenstone, fortunately, the svirfneblin had already abandoned the city). The dwarves are aided by svirfneblin, local barbarians, troops from Nesme and Silverymoon, and even the mysterious Harpells of Longsaddle and Lady Alustriel herself (including the Companions of the Hall, Drizz't Do"Urden, Catti-brie, and Regis). The drow are ultimately defeated and driven back to their homeland.

    In this battle, the matron of House Baenre is killed by Bruenor Battlehammer, just as all magic in Faerun stops during the Time of Troubles. With the matrons death, the spirit of Gandalug Battlehammer (who's spirit was magically trapped in a magical item), First king of Mythral Hall is returned to life. Gandalug strangles and kills Bladen'Kerst Baenre with her own whip.

    Quenthel Baenre attempts to escape through a dimensional door, but Drizzt, after defeating a glabrezu, catches up to and slays Quenthel.

    The illithid Methil El-Viddenvelp is thought to have been killed (mortally wounded by Catti-brie wielding Khazid'hea), but he is rescued by Bregan D'aerthe.

    Leadership of the Sept of Ill'Ghact eventually passes into the hands of Galgast. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Four Cult of the Dragon archmages arrive outside Silverymoon and unleash spells to draw Alustriel out. She and Taern "Thunderspell" dispatch two of them easily, but Taern and other Spellguard members are soon kept busy with a dracolich unleashed on the southern walls. Alustriel defeats another Cult mage, but only the timely arrival of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand saves Alustriel's life against the final archmage. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Taern Hornblade "Thunderspell" becomes the twelfth High Mage of Silverymoon when Alustriel retires to pursue her dreams of forming a new nation in the North. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • League of the Silver Marches:
    To counter the rise of Obould's Kingdom of Dark Arrows and thwart future evils of the North, High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon gathers the leaders of the region to council. From Old Delzoun, the Moonlands, and the Rauvin Vale come elf, human, and dwarf lords to seek answers to their common troubles. Out of that oft-stormy meeting comes the High Lady's Alliance, a confederation of city-states known as Luruar (the League of the Silver Marches). The initial members are; Silverymoon, Citadel Adbar, Deadsnows, Jalanthar, Quaervarr, Citadel Felbarr, Everlund, Mithral Hall, and Sundabar.

    With the expenditure of considerable time and resources, Alustriel decides aid Nesme's First Speaker, Tessarin Alaurun and rebuild Nesme. She sends a large detachment of Knights in Silver to drive the trolls back into the Evermoors. Refugees displaced from their homes due to the new orc nation of Many-Arrows are encouraged to go to settle in Nesme (in effect doubling Nesme's current population). By the winter of next year, the city's defenses are solid, and with the vigilant patrols of the Riders of Nesme and the Knights in Silver (along with a small force of Uthgardt barbarian mercenaries), the city has regained a semblance of safety. »