• 616 DR [Year of the Ensorceled Kings]
  • The rings that make up the Moonweb (an artifact of Selune) first appeared in the Realms individually, green to devout Selunites by the Shards (servitors of the goddess) in the dark years after the fall of Netheril. They served as minor magical aids and as focal points for prayers to the goddess.

    Eventually, two of the rings are unwittingly brought together in this year when Selunite clergy meet to plan the the future of the faith at Manystreams (an inn run by half elves that stood in a steep-sided lush, wooded valley near Mount Hlim, into which many streams fell, and operated as a meeting place for the beneficent and powerful). Selune appears in the dreams of all the assembled priests, telling them of the four rings and bidding them seek the two missing ones.

    The names and powers of the rings are as follows:

    • Amglaer: Accelerate healing, moonbeam and true seeing, and if one of the other three rings is also worn by the same being who is wearing Amglaer, air walk
    • Enthandas: Dispel magic, water breathing, and water walk (only while natural moonlight is shining ont the water), and, if Shelmroun is also worn by the Same being who is wearing Enthandos, Neutralize poison
    • Shelmroun: Efficacious monster ward, heroes' feast, and moonmotes (identical in all respects to magic missle, unleashing six missles), and, if Tilithar is also worn by the same being who is wearing Shelmroun, heal
    • Tilithar: Fire storm, remove curse, and remove paralysis, and, if Amglaer is also worn by the same being who is wearing Tilithar, restoration.

    The current bearers of the rings Amglaer and Shelmroun, are Randar Rheligonther, Moon Priest of Neverwinter, and Amtheiera Summerdusk, Lunequeen of Danthaldown (a now-vanished Selunite monastary). »

  • 686 DR [Year of the Unshriven]
  • Death of the Great Lovers, Randar Rheligonther and Amtheiera Summerdusk, both high priests of Selune and bearers of 3 of the rings of the Moonweb.

    The priests were commanded by Selune to search for the missing rings of the Moonweb. In their travels searching for the other rings, they fall in love and pledge their troth in a moonlit meadow somewhere deep in the wilderlands. The next morning they awoke to find a burial barge floating past them down a stream, and on the finger of the elf corpse in the vessel was the ring Tilithar.

    The three rings are taken to the Selunite temple at Evershed (southeast of the present inn known as the Calling Horns). The rings are used in rituals as the years passed, and the quest for the fourth ring became more a matter of legend then urgency. »

  • 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • Mirtul Most High Moonpriestess Thurlara "Old Bones" Shaulauna, possessor of one of the rings of the Moonweb, Shelmroun, is missing. Her hand however is found, missing the middle finger (where Selunites customarily wear magic rings). The Selunites of the remote monastery of Corthoun, in the woods south of Loudwater (the nearest Selunite temple) had suffered a doppleganger infestation, one of which had replaced the High Moonlord Evren Thildaran, who was the possessor of one of the Moonweb rings, Amglaer. The battle between the priests and the shapeshifters ends with the temple in ruins.

    The Moonweb ring Tilithar is given by the Priestess of the High Moonlight to Blackstaff Tower and Lady Laeral, unfortunately the tower and the lady are illusions, and the ring and the priestess both vanish.

    Selunite priests beseech the goddess for guidance. She instructs them to guard the last ring, Enthandas, which was held at Tharynd in the mountains west of Dolphingulf. The temple is assaulted by feywings, darkenbeasts, and gargoyles, and the ring is lost.

    In the fall of this year, Selune manifests as moon radiance in every holy place of the faith and instructs her clergy that hence forth the rings of the Moonweb are no longer to be held in temples by ranking clergy but to wander the Realms in the hands of adventurers. The search for the rings however, continues. »