• c. -34500 DR
  • The sarrukh establish the realm of Isstosseffifil, based in present-day Anauroch. »

  • c. -4300 DR
  • Founding of the realm of Thaervel, the Land of Alabaster Towers, with its capital at Rasilith (in the present-day desert of Anauroch). »

  • -3392 DR
  • King Horgar Steelshadow II proclaims the founding of Deepkingdom with Gracklstugh as its royal seat, claiming sovereignty over all gray dwarf enclaves north of the Sharnlands and west of the Buried Realms beneath the desert later known as Anauroch. »

  • -2436 DR
  • An unknown thief returns seven of Netheril's remaining Nether Scrolls to the ancient ruins of the Iqua Tel-Quessir (creator races). Three of the scrolls are placed in the Hall of Mists beneath Grandfather Tree of the High Forest, and two others are placed in the Crypt of Hssthak, which later becomes part of western Anauroch. The location of the other two scrolls remains unknown. »

  • -393 DR [Year of the Burning Winds]
  • An unknown wizard, believed to be a renegade arcanists of Netheril or from another plane, unites the goblinkin of the Windy Plains (present-day southern Anauroch) by force. He styles himself Great Hlundadim and names the realm Hlundadim after himself. »

  • -354 DR [Year of Many Maws]
  • The first recorded clash between the sharns and the phaerimm occurs in Anauroch. »

  • -312 DR [Year of Jade Roses]
  • During the waning years of this year, kobolds from the Rat's Tail clan overtake the poorly defended citadel of Blister of Netheril and burned it to the ground once they completed looting. Anauroch eventually claimed whatever the kobolds missed. »

  • -267 DR [Year of Crumbling Caverns]
  • A powerful earthquake severs the link between ruined Tzindylspar and the surface and opens new passage into the Fardrimm (the underground tunnel network linking the North and the areas beneath Anauroch). »

  • -33 DR [Year of the Harpist's Delight]
  • The Netherese state of Asram (in the present-day Anauroch Desert) falls victim to a plague sent by Talona, from which there are no survivors. In the spring months that led up to what many call a repeat of the Dark Disaster, cattle are found dead in the fields and crops withered and died, sometimes overnight. During the first week eleasius, however, the plague struck the entire nation. Few survived.

    This seems to have been the result of the interloper goddess Kiputytto attacking the goddess Talona, using the city of Phelajarama as a battleground. Talona gained the upper hand by plaguing the city, forcing the inhabitants to pray to her. Kiputytto struck back with similar method; however her plagues overcame the curative resources of the city and left the population dead in less than a month. In the aftermath, Talona slew Kiputytto. »

  • 10 DR [Year of Dreams]
  • The Netheril region is renamed Anauroch after the greatest of its two survivor states. »

  • 145 DR [Year of the Pirates' Port]
  • The blue dragon Iryklathagra is born amid the sands of Anauroch. »

  • 268 DR [Year of Cruel Storms]
  • The seemingly unending spread of the great desert Anauroch sees the fall of the realm of Hlundadim. Its mysterious ruler known only as Great Hlundadim disappears, and his goblinkin subjects quickly disintegrate into warring, nomadic bands. »

  • 329 DR [Year of the Closed Scroll]
  • Hlondeth is abandoned when the encroachment of Anaurach begins to destroy its fields. Its inhabitants migrate east to the Moonsea and south into the Dalelands. »

  • 464 DR [Year of True Names]
  • While wandering across Anauroch, Arun's Son comes across his father who was escorting some Evereskan elves, his then wife and children, westward when they had come under attack from phaerimm. After both Arun's Son and Arun ran low on spells and hiding under a protective sphere, Arun strikes the Duskstaff of Sareal using his Lupinaxe, killing them both and transforming the surrounding desert into a crater of glass.

    Arun's Son is resurrected by Mystra and becomes her Chosen, "he whom magic, duty, and honor defines". As the Nameless Chosen, he becomes the first human ever to stay among Evereska's glades. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Kythorn 8 Slaughter at Autumn Song's End (Weeping War: Campaign #4)
    A.K.A.: The Satyr Slaughter, the Unicorns' Charge
    The only major event of interest in these battles is the return from afar of Gaulguth the nycoloth field commander. His hasty teleport out of defeat during the Templestars' Rise sent him not where he wished to go, but randomly across Faerun and far into (and under) the heart of the desert of Anauroch.

    Gaulguth, upon teleporting beneath Anauroch, attracted the attentions of the phaerimm trapped there. His delay in returning to his armies concerned either alliance with or combat against these creatures. In any case, within the next few months, Gaulguth's return would also herald his pursuit by a band of phaerimm, who somehow escaped the magical traps that kept them within the desert. While these mysterious and deadly creatures never officially entered the Weeping War, their harassment of Gaulguth and the other two nycoloths indirectly aided the elves' efforts over the next few years. These occurrences were never seen by any of Cormanthyr's Allies, so they were not recorded as lore, though the aftermath of some battles is still seen today in blasted patches of bare rock amidst the forest. Cormanthyr's Allies ever discovered the new phaerimm lairs, scholars, a small band of sharn pursued the escaped phaerimm a decaed later, establishing holds within some deep subterranean vaults, tombs, and lost libraries of Uvaeren.

    This event lasts until Kythorn 9, 712 DR »

  • 875 DR [Year of the Stricken Star]
  • Algashon coerces Sammaster to attack Alustriel, intending to steal her silver fire through a vile ceremony while she was at a disadvantage. However, Alustriel called on Elminster and Laeral, and together the three Chosen killed Sammaster. Azuth then appears and strips Sammaster's body of its silver fire. After they depart, Algashon resurrects Sammaster who is now quietly mad but still blessed with long life and the ability to heal quickly.

    In the years that follow, Sammaster draws on his own translation of Maglas's prophecy, Algashon's whisperings, and ancient tomes unearthed from ruins beneath the Anauroch and Raurin deserts. Sammaster and Algashon founded the first Dragon Cult cell in the city of Chondathan (now the Sembian city of Saerloon) and set about creating all manner of draconic undead. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • Mirtul 5 Warriors and mages of the Cult of the Dragon with the dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons, attack the Holyheart Fastness in search of the Crysturm of Tranquility. A young treetender, Lorth Blaenarry, flees with the sacred sphere north and west.

    He reaches Turmish, where lurking Red Wizards of Thay recognize the sphere and try to grab him. They hunt him through the streets of Alaghon and Telpir and almost slay him in the woods near Starmantle Bay, but is able to escape with the help of a Harper sorcerer (who changes Lorth's appearance to look older and uglier). Lorth boards a ship bound for Zhentil Keep.

    In Zhentil Keep, Lorth is fortunate to be found by other Harper agents, who take him to the Border Kingdom. The Cult of the Dragon again catches up with him, but escapes when Zhentarim agents also attack. The Harper agents, in desperation, teleports Lorth alone into the heart of the Anauroch desert, to the holy site of Eldath, the House of the Moon.

    There the Green Goddess herself, Eldath, appears to Lorth, and whisks him to Neverwinter (but not before adding a new power to the sphere, and promising to add a new power whenever the sphere is brought back to the House of the Moon in need). Lorth devotes his life to serving Eldath and to bring the wilderness back to those places that has suffered under too many axes, ploughs and fires. »

  • 1365 DR [Year of the Sword]
  • The Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell convinces Malygris, a blue dragon of Anauroch, to become a dracolich. This dracolich then attacks, kills, and replaces the ruler of the Great Desert, the suzerain and his loose society of blue dragons. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Mirtul 21 Galaeron Nihmedu arrives in Cormyr, bearing proof that the Shadovars are melting the High Ice in Anauroch and crippling the Heartlands. »

  • Malygris, the suzerain of Anauroch and a dracolich of the Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell (who was sent to Anauroch to disrupt Zhentarim's trade activity through the desert) is forced to bow down to High Prince Telamont Tanthul of Thultanthar (Shade). »

  • The Sembian cell of the Cult of the Dragon discovers the Well of Dragons in the caldera of an ancient volcano southeast of the Battle of Bones. After dispatching the undead draconic guardian, the Dragon Cultists establishes a new cell in this ancient draconic graveyard. The Dragonwell Cell currently controls only the Well of Dragons and its immediate environs, but it soon begins to establish its claims to the territories stretching from Evereska to the Sunset Mountains and from the Serpent HIlls deep into the sands of southern Anauroch. »