• -2489 DR
  • Arrival of the God-Kings
    The deities of the Imaskari slaves bypass the planar barrier by sending powerful avatars, known as manifestations, of themselves through the endless void of space to Toril, led by the ancient deity Ptah. Upon arriving on Faerun, they further divide their remaining divine essences and create lesser, mortal forms of avatars, known as incarnations. These incarnations descend into the fertile plains of Imaskar and go among their people. The most talented they make priests, and the truly faithful are transformed into divine minions. The Imaskari slaves then revolt against their masters. »

  • 204 DR [Year of the Avarice]
  • The War of Claws
    The tide of the war swings in favor of Mulhorand and Unther as Anhur wielding the legendary blade Hadryllis leads Mulhorand against the forces of Eltabranar. The demon lord Eltab is defeated and imprisoned in a demoncyst beneath what is now Thaymount in present-day Thay. »

  • 1280 DR [Year of the Manticore]
  • Thay's second invasion attempt against Mulhorand overwhelms the southern country (particularly Murghom). Sultim is besiged and nearly falls before reinforcements arrive. The priests of Anhur are made scapegoats for the near loss of Sultim. »

  • 1311 DR [Year of the Fist]
  • Rezim becomes vizier of Mulhorand. He begins to persecute the church of Anhur. Chessentan mercenaries replace Anhur worshippers as guards of the city. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The Summer Storm Wars claims many sahuagin lives of the Alamber as well as over thirty ships and 2,000 people of Mulhorand as the god-kings' forces clash with the sea devils. The visitations of Sekolah, Anhur, and other lesser water powers cause much disruption in Seros. The mythal barrier around Myth Nantar crackles and surges but holds against attempts to break the barrier.

    Umberlee ravages the Pirate Isles of the Inner Sea with hurricanes and storms, destroying more than two-thirds of the pirates' fleet (causing many pirates to stop worshipping her). Appearing also in the Trackless Sea, the Bitch Queen adopts the kraken Slarkrethel as her seraph (Chosen). »

  • Assuran (Hoar), who had possessed King Hippartes of Akanax, slays the deity Ramman, bringing the Untheric pantheon to an end (although Anhur assumes Ramman's portfolio and powers in the Realms, causing Hoar to swear vengeance against Anhur) during the Time of Troubles. Riots erupt throughout Unther, and the empire falls into chaos. »