• -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • Fall of Netheril
    Nearly all of the Netherese enclaves fall to the earth and are destroyed due to disruptions in the Weave brought about by the casting of the epic spell, Karsus's avatar and the subsequent death of the goddess Mystryl (Mystra). The body of the momentary god Karsus falls to earth in the eastern region of the High Forest.

    Karsus, also known as THE Archwizard, believed that the gods were nothing more than mortals who had mastered magic that he hadn't yet discovered. When he began researching 12th-level magic in the early -459 DR, he concluded that this was the power that the gods themselves wielded. His mistake was believing that common magic was what separated the gods from the archwizards, but it wouldn't be until the Time of Trobles in 1358 DR until Ao, the Overlord of the gods, demonstrates that there is more than just magic at work in the rise and fall of gods.

    Karsus was a man full of self-confidence and an unshakable faith that what he believed was the way things really were. Not even the pleadings of his closest advisors could sway him once a decision to do something was made. This character trait applied itself from the smallest of enclave decisions to the creation of the most powerful spell ever created, Karsus's avatar.

    Another facet of Karsus's personality also shined through to anyone who met him: He was stark, raving mad. He acted like an excited child most of the time, and his tantrums were to be avoided at all cost. He could be warm and friendly or ruthless and tyrannical; there really wasn't anything in between.

    Karsus went through many "special friends" during his lifetime. These were individuals whom he suddenly took a great liking to, spoiled for a while (obtaining information or services from them) and then tossed aside like a forgotten toy. Some in the Karsus Enclave viewed the designation of "special friend" as a death mark. »

  • Era of Upheaval
  • 1358 to Present
    This is the current age, when the Realms are shaken by the gods. It is a time when many gods are slain, some new gods raised and some are reborn. There are some sages who would also include the Dawn Cataclysms to this era, but most sages agree that the beginning of this era is marked by the overgod Ao's hand in changing the status quo of how the gods and their mortal servants are to interact. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Kythorn 15 Because of the plot of Bane and Myrkul to steal the Tablets of Fate and gain greater divine power, the over-god Ao casts the gods to Faerun in mortal form (although very powerful mortals). »

  • Flamerule 1 Helm destroys Mystra for attempting to assend the Celestial Stairway as Helm was charged by Ao to guard against any of the gods from returning to their home-worlds in the other planes, Helm still retained his full divine power and easily defeats the reduced Mystra. »

  • Marpenoth 15 A great battle in Waterdeep sees Myrkul destroyed by Midnight, Shar and Selune do battle. Cyric slays Kelemvor Lyonsbane with his sword Godsbane (actually an aspect of the god Mask). The Tablets of Fate are returned to Overlord Ao, creator of the Realms and of the gods themselves. He descends upon Toril and speaks to its inhabitants. Lord Ao declares that all gods become servants to their followers, that Midnight take Mystra's place as Goddess of Magic, and that Cyric shall take control of what was left undone by the deaths of Myrkul, Bane, and Bhaal. And, while Cyric found this responsibility quite an honor, Lord Ao was unsure he'd continue with that reasoning.

    Siamorphe manifests in Waterdeep and protects North and Sea Wards from much of the damages caused by Myrkul's Legions. »

  • Ao dissolves the Imaskari planar barrier, allowing the manifestations of the Mulhorandi deities to leave Toril and rejoin their divine essences. »