• -23600 DR
  • Establishment of the first moon elf settlements of Shantel Othreier (present-day Green Fields). This included the moon-elf city of Ardeep (which includes Ardeep Forest), which was a vassal realm of Shantel Othreier. »

  • -1100 DR
  • Aelinthaldaar, the capital city of Illefarn, is razed by elven High Magic on the order of Illefarn's coronal, Syglaeth Audark and then orders a retreat to Evermeet. Virtually nothing is left to indicate that an elf city had stood on the site for seven millennia. Illefarn fragments into the independent elven realms of Ardeep (present-day Ardeep Forest), Illiyanbruen (present-day Neverwinter Wood) and Rillthar (present-day Westwood and Kryptgarden Forest). By year's end, human barbarian trives are using the site for its excellent deepwater harbor. »

  • 523 DR [Year of Trials Arcane]
  • Realm of Three Crowns
    The raising power of orc hordes in the North leads to the calling of the Council of Axe and Arrow. There, the humans of Delimbiyran, the dwarves of Dardath, the elves of Ardeep Forest, the gnomes of Dolblunde, and displaced halflings from Meiritin collectively found the Tri-Crowned Kingdom of Phalorm. The aging Ulbaerag rejects an invitation to join the Realm of Three Crowns. »

  • 942 DR [Year of the Circling Vulture]
  • Drow raiders plunder cities along the Sword Coast, enslaving many humans of the Dessarin Valley. The small realms of Harpshield and Talmost, which border the Ardeep Forest west of the Ruins of Delimbiyran, are ravaged and burned. »