• 812 DR [Year of the Gem Dragons]
  • The Mask of Mysteries first appears in Realmslore when it is found on the face of a corpse in a tomb on the Dragonisle in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The human buried there is thought to have been Arnthas "the Sky", much maligned among elves as a smooth-tongued "false friend" of the elves who in the guise of companionship learned many secrets of elven magic - and stole powerful magical items from the proudest families of Myth Drannor before its fall.

    The Mask of Mysteries is actually a black silk mask of unknown age. The magical properties of the Mask are awakened by kissing it, speaking the name of the god (either Mask or one of his secret names, such as Veldraeos or Ondoum), and then kissing the Mask again. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Alandrina Emmeril, possessor of the Mask of Mysteries (an articaft of Mask) perishes at the hands of no fewer than 16 black-masked individuals in Sembia. One of the killers takes off with the Mask.

    Alandrina Emmeril had come into the possession of the Mask by marrying the previous owner, Rellogur Asannath. The two were members of the Scarlet Song Company. Rellogur had slain the original owner, Arnthas in Yhaunn. Rellogur and Alandrina enjoyed long lives for over 500 years before Rellogur suddenly crumbled away to nothing. Some suspect Alandrina's hand in his death. »