• 50 DR [Year of the Barbed Wind]
  • Hlondeth establishes itself as both a port city and a major landmark along the Turnway. The cities of Mussum, Samra, and Arrabar spring up along the southeastern shores of the Vilhon. Daroush, Torl, and Asple are established on the northwestern shores of the Reach. »

  • 132 DR [Year of Thirteen Prides Lost]
  • The city of Mimph is established to the west of Arrabar. »

  • 135 DR [Year of the Halfling's Dale]
  • Military forces from Arrabar sack Mimph. »

  • 139 DR [Year of the Resolute Courtesans]
  • The city of Shamph is established along the path of the Emerald Corridor, a road stretching from Shamph to Arrabar. »

  • 974 DR [Year of the Haunting Harpy]
  • Lauraera Dlarayna of Arrabar, High Holy Temptress of Loviatar catches up with Althatha Ammaerits and tortures her to death for usurping the many temples of Loviatar to her cause.

    Lauraera commands two of her underlings, the priestesses Falindra and Yathrae to investigate the powers of the Lash of Loviatar (an artifact of Loviatar that Lauraera took from Althatha). The two do their job well, and then together plot to kill their superior - a deed that proves all too easy. Falindra then tries to kill her partner and the claim the rulership of the faith. Nevertheless, Yathrae outsmarts her rival, mastering a spell that enables her to take on a ghostlike form and avoid the multiple blade barriers and wailing whips casts by Falindra (This incident is probably the origin of the persistent but almost certainly false rumors that the Lash can call up and command "ghosts"). She takes the Lash and flees, using spells to conceal herself as a man, and the Lash in the form of a notched and scarred broadsword, a form that the Lash takes from time to time for unknown reasons). »

  • 1044 DR [Year of Singing Shards]
  • Aencar is invited to a feast in Essembra. This turns out to be a trap laid by evil mages who summons a dracolich to slay Aencar. One of his lieutenants defeats the dracolich, but Aencar was dead. One of the evil mages was Alacanther of Arrabar, who burns down Aencar in his keep. The ruins of Aencar's castle can still be seen from Rauthauvyr's Ride, the road running to the Standing Stone, and it has not been reoccupied since his death. The Dalelands splits up into independent, though allied communities.

    A descendant of Aencar's chief swordcaptain, Chancellor Ilmeth, rules Essembra, where a statue of Aencar stands, and serves as Battledale's delegate to the Dales Council. »

  • 1126 DR [Year of Azure Blood]
  • Azuth appears to the mage Olohmber "Old Thunder" Starnardyn of Arrabar and offers him the office of Magister. »

  • 1221 DR [Year of the Frozen Flower]
  • The half-elf mage Verendra Tathtar dies. The Tome of the Morning is not found in her home in the woods. Only a note scratched into the front door, "Lathanderians, seek your book where the Morninglord walked twice".

    Only senior clergy of the faith knew of the lore, a certain mountaintop in the Orsraun Mountains north of Turmish. One priest acts on his knowledge and brings the Tome in triumph to a Lathanderian temple in Arrabar in the fall of this year.

    There, an ambitious young priest by the name of Tethtor Kandrath reminds the priests that the god wanted the Tome to be out in the hands of the people, and so volunteers to take it. The high priests reluctantly agrees, and Tethtor begins to travel and spread the word of Lathander's faith. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Joulothan Marlyx (one of the "Wizards of the Tome" [one who possesses the Black Book of Beshaba, but is not a servant of the Dark Lady], supposed mind-touched by Beshaba to serve as a means of testing her devotees), appears in the center of Arrabar with the Black Book and in the company of two beholders. They blast most of the city to ruins before being destroyed by demons summoned by desperate local mages. The Black Book vanishes again in the tumult that followed (when the demons in turn had to be hunted down and destroyed). »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • A thief tries to steal the Mask of Mysteries from the unknown Sembian noblewoman who bore it. However, removing the Mask causes her face to erupt into a mass of tentacles - tendrils like those of a mind flayer, save that these were gray, knobby, and ended in snapping mouths that devours the thief's face and hands. The guards attack the noblewoman turned horror, who escapes into the night.

    Claiming to the rightful owners of the Mask, the Asannath family offers 100,000 gold pieces for its return.

    Less than a month later, a Calishite merchant offers the Mask for sale in Scornubel. This causes a battle between priests of Mask and multiple independent thieves for the Mask. During the battle, a late arrival slew the merchant and made off with the Mask, but is himself slain in some mechanical trap in a nearby cellar. When the body of the thief was recovered many days later, the thieves hands were cut off and the Mask was gone again.

    Rumors of the Mask have surfaced in Waterdeep, Skullport, Westgate, and in Arrabar. The Dark Hand of the Shadowlord, the most influential cleric of Mask in Calimshan calls for all faithful to search for the Mask. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Kythorn A two-headed flying wyvern-like creature is claimed to have attacked a hunting expedition from Arrabar in the Chondalwood. No such creature has ever been recorded as being seen before. »

  • 1486 DR [Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls]
  • Chauntea drops several earthmotes all across Faerun, including in the flooded Arrabar River, to give her followers enough time to bring in the harvest. »