• 464 DR [Year of True Names]
  • While wandering across Anauroch, Arun's Son comes across his father who was escorting some Evereskan elves, his then wife and children, westward when they had come under attack from phaerimm. After both Arun's Son and Arun ran low on spells and hiding under a protective sphere, Arun strikes the Duskstaff of Sareal using his Lupinaxe, killing them both and transforming the surrounding desert into a crater of glass.

    Arun's Son is resurrected by Mystra and becomes her Chosen, "he whom magic, duty, and honor defines". As the Nameless Chosen, he becomes the first human ever to stay among Evereska's glades. »

  • 712 DR [Year of the Lost Lance]
  • Tarsakh 11 Silvergate (Weeping War: Campaign #4)
    A.K.A.: The Second Siege of Myth Drannor, the Nameless Sacrifice, the Chosen's Choice
    The battle at Silvergate is one of the most storied and heroic tales of the entire Weeping War. The Army of Darkness was driven east, and its northern and southern factions merged and punched through the elf defenders on the western front as they pressed, allowing them a second charge on Myth Drannor. The bulk of this battle occurred among the streets of the old city Cormanthor, and its climax centered on the Silvergate, the magical gate to Silverymoon Pass.

    While the military fought bravely on all fronts, this battle was primarily one of magic and thus spearheaded by Spell-Major Josidiah Starym, Elminster, Symrustar Auglamyr, and the Nameless Chosen. With many elf forces exhausted from the previous battles, only the cavalry and two-thirds of the available Akh'Faer froces were in the city for its defense until the arrival after battle's start of the Wing cavalry, some gold, silver, and electrum dragon allies, and the three Chosen.

    The spellcasters and military worked together to isolate and destroy the reduced and tired battalions (the Cruelty, the Colossus, the Grievous, Battalion Arcane) of the Army of Darkness. In all, the Army of Darkness suffered the loss of a battalion's worth of troops, losing 11 marches and 4 regiments in the melee. Among them, four entire tribes of gnolls were totally destroyed as was the most powerful march in the Army, Cvor's all mezzoloth March of the Second Cruelty Regiment.

    Cvor's March ("the Whipmaster's March") laid siege to the Silvergate at highsun on the second day of battle. The Namelss Chosen became enraged by the destruction of his native city and the abrupt slaying of a trio of young bronze dragons that had emerged through the gate to lend aid requested a tenday ago. The Nameless One lost his temper and his patience.

    The Namelss exploded through the roof of one of the Six Tyrl Towers, his body glowing and his hair and robes ablaze in silver flames! He dove headlong into the amassed forces of the besieging Army, driving a wedge through the forces, he converged on the Silvergate, where Colonel Cvor and his mezzoloths stood. Fully aflame now, the Nameless reached out with his silver wings and flung the nycoloths into the gate, which opened at his merest word. Spelltraps lying in wait activated at his will, causing explosions that claimed more evil lives as he walked unharmed within them. Over 600 mezzoloths , goblins, and other creatures fell before the fury of the Nameless, and Myth Drannor's defenders rallied once more. With a large wedge driven into the Army's forces, the Akh'Faer and the cavalry had openings they could exploit and drive the Army before them.

    The razor-studded whip of Cvor wrapped about the throat of the Nameless One, and the two fell into the Silvergate. Flying to his aid, Elminster entered the Silvergate and shut the gate behind him to isolate Cvor's march. Back to back with the elder Elminster, he fought hundreds of mezzoloths within the rocky Silverymoon Pass, and the glow of his silvery form drew attention from Silverymoon.

    Colonel Cvor then used a captured elf artifact (the Harness of the Giant-Slayer Alayris) to grow to a giant's size and seize the flaming mage by hand and foot. Cvor brutally pulled the Nameless Chosen nearly in half by sheer strength! The explosion of magical power and fire utterly consumed Cvor and over 200 nearby mezzoloths. The Nameless One lay dying, his torso laid-open. The High Mage of Silverymoon, Ecamane Truesilver and his supporting wizard forces protected the body of the fallen Chosen from the remaining mezzoloths. Together, while the Nameless One was sent magically to Silverymoon for healing, Elminster and the elderly and frail Ecamane destroyed the gate to Myth Drannor, detonating it from within and at its exit. The explosions slew the remnants of the Fourth Regiment surrounding it at Myth Drannor as well as clearing Silverymoon Pass of its remaining brethren.

    As a result of this battle, Myth Drannor's forces won the day, but unknowingly paid a high price. Elminster was lost among the planes for a time, due to his task of destroying the gate from within, while Ecamane Truesilver died due to the strain of breaking the gate from its exit point at Silverymoon Pass. The Nameless Chosen lay like one dead for more than the next year. His elf nurse, gave him the name Akhellbhen; upon his awakening, the Nameless Chosen, once called Arun's Son is introduced to the new High Mage Aglanthol as Khelben Arunsun. His body healed but forever scarred across his chest and back where he was nearly torn in twain, he banishes his vanity and keeps the wedge of silver-white hair and beard to remind him of the silver flames dancing within it and how it does not make him invincible. It also signifies his debts, as it reminds him of Silverymoon and what he owes its people as well.

    Other major deaths of this battle includes Wollys Silvershield (high priest of Sehanine).

    This battle lasts until Tarsakh 13, 712 DR. »

  • 720 DR [Year of the Dawn Rose]
  • The Refounding of the Harpers
    The Gathering of the Gods at the Dancing Place signals the refounding of the Harpers at the request of some elves from the Elven Court. In attendance are all 15 of the Harpers at Twilight who survived the previous decade, including Lady Alais Dree, Elminster Aumar, Khelben Arunson (once the Nameless Chosen), and Meil "Darkhunter" Araein. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Khelben Arunsun the Elder arrives and settles in Waterdeep, building Arunsun Tower (later known as Blackstaff Tower). »

  • 1179 DR [Year of the Stalking Satyr]
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun writes the book, "On the Matter of Magecraft and the City". »

  • 1238 DR [Year of the Lone Candle]
  • Priamon "Frostrune" Rakesk entered Syndra Wands' (granddaughter of Khelben Arunsun) home while she was sleeping and killed her by freezing her and smashing her body. Soon after her death, Khelben defeated Priamon and, using his rod, granted Syndra ghost-like form and the ability to exact revenge upon her killer.

    Priamon is exiled from Waterdeep by the Lords of Waterdeep. »

  • c. 1270 DR
  • Zelphar Arunsun, son of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun is born in Neverwinter. »

  • 1300 DR [Year of Starfall]
  • Lhestyn weds Zelphar Arunsun, a powerful mage from Neverwinter (and acknowledged youngest son of Khelben the Elder). »

  • 1311 DR [Year of the Fist]
  • Zelphar Arunsun is crushed to death by a sorcerous hand of force. The perpetrator remains unknown to the Lords to this day (in truth, he was murdered by a lich of the Twisted Rune as a favor to the Shadow Thieves). Khelben the Elder secretly returns to Arunsun Tower after the death of his son. Over the next ten years, he trains his grandson and namesake Khelben the Younger). »

  • 1312 DR [Year of the Griffon]
  • Durnan of Waterdeep founds the Red Sashes as his own personal agents in Waterdeep, creating a precaution against such blatant disregards for the watch which grows common in the Dock Ward (such as the death of Zelphar Arunsun). »

  • 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • Death of Lhestyn Arunsun (widow to Zelphar Arunsun). Piergeiron Paladinson becomes the new Open Lord of Waterdeep. »

  • 1321 DR [Year of Chains]
  • Khelben the Younger departs Waterdeep for another world, leaving his grandfather (Khelben Blackstaff Arunsun) to assume his guise. »

  • 1322 DR [Year of Lurking Death]
  • Khelben the Elder, disguising himself as Khelben the Younger, "claims the long-vacant Arunsun Tower as his own, renaming it after his new title of "the Blackstaff". »

  • 1345 DR [Year of the Saddle]
  • Jyordan, the lord of Shadowdale is slain by Khelben Arunsun. Jyordan had nominated Lyran Nanther of Melvaunt as his successor, but Lyran did not possess the Pendant of Ashaba to properly claim rule of Shadowdale. Thus begins the time of No Lords in Shadowdale. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun travels to the stronghold of the band known as The Nine in the High Forest and rescues Laeral Silverhand from the evil influence of the Crown of Horns. Khelben takes Laeral to Waterdeep and Blackstaff Tower. There, they form a romantic bond, and Laeral becomes known in the city of Waterdeep as Lady Arunsun.
    Khelben stores the Crown of Horns in Blackstaff Tower behind powerful adjurations. »

  • 1361 DR [Year of Maidens]
  • Four Cult of the Dragon archmages arrive outside Silverymoon and unleash spells to draw Alustriel out. She and Taern "Thunderspell" dispatch two of them easily, but Taern and other Spellguard members are soon kept busy with a dracolich unleashed on the southern walls. Alustriel defeats another Cult mage, but only the timely arrival of Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand saves Alustriel's life against the final archmage. »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • An aged and deranged elven Harper bard named Lady Iriador Wintermist (using the alias Garnet) convinces the green dragon Grimnoshtadrano, the Riddling Dragon of the High Forest, to give her a magic harp called the Morninglark. In revenge for the decline of the bard schools, she unleashes drought, chaos, and death upon Waterdeep and disrupts the Shieldmeet Festival. Elaith Craulnober and Danilo solve the riddle of the dragon, with the help of the Elfsong sung by Danilo, and the green dragon carries Lady Iriador off to her death.

    Elaith later reveals his true intentions by stealing the Morninglark in an attempt to reactivate his dormant Moonblade to re-honor his bloodline for his daughter, Azariah Craulnober. The Moonblade is later reactivated, but not by the artifact, but by the selfless sacrifice of the elf for his daughter. Elaith takes Azahariah to Evermeet where she is to become a ward of the royal court and trained to meet the demands of the Moonblade she is to inherit from her father.

    Later, Khelben Arunsun approaches Danilo and offers the title of one of the Lords of Waterdeep. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun reveals himself publicly as a Lord of Waterdeep, then resigns and presents his masked successor (Danilo Thann). »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Tarsakh 22 The Harpers discover Khelben's dealings with Fzoul. A Tribunal is called in by the High Harpers at Twilight Hall in Berdusk. Khelben is found guilty, he renounces his allegiance to the Harpers, turning in his pin.

    The Tel'Teukiira (The Moonstars) are founded by Khelben to further his goals. Many high-ranking ex-Harpers join, including Laeral Silverhand, Mintipur Moonsilver, Myrmeen Lhal, and Malchor Harpell. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • Nightal 26 Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun along with several other Chosen of Mystra muster a relief army in Waterdeep and set out to lift the phaerimm siege on Evereska.

    The relief army becomes trapped in Evereska after failing to raise the siege there. An army drawn from the members of the Lords' Alliance and led by Laeral Silverhand Arunsun also marches for Evereska in the last days of this year to aid Khelben's troops, but does not arrive for several months. »

  • Prince Lamruil of Evermeet, his human consort Maura Silverhand (daughter of Laeral Silverhand Arunsun), and their followers travel to the far northern reaches of Faerun to establish a hidden city called Auseriel. They bring the Tree of Souls with them, given to them by the prince's mother, Queen Amlaruil of Evermeet, intending to plant it at the heart of a new refuge for the Fair Folk once the city begins to flourish. »