• The Second Epoch of Seros
  • -14000 DR to -215 DR
    Time of the elves in Seros (the Inner Sea). The Second Epoch officially begins with the building of the undersea capital of Aryselmalyr, and ends with forty years of war between the sea elves and other undersea races. It is also during this Epoch that the first land dwellers began exploration of the waters (wizards of Netheril), the initial migration of shalarin into the Inner Sea, and the trapping of the sahuagin behind the Sharksbane Wall. »

  • -11743 DR
  • Establishment of Coryselmal, the Coral City, capital of Aryselmalyr in Seros. »

  • -11003 DR
  • Rise of the Aryselmalyr Empire
    Coryselmal, the grandest of the sea elf cities of Selmyr (an elven kingdom of the Selmal Basin), becomes the capital of the Aryselmalyr Empire over all the elf kingdoms of the Inner Sea.

    The Aryselmalyr calendar marks Year 1. »

  • -6946 DR
  • The Mervae Alliance
    Dukars develop their powers and become peacekeepers across Seros in alliance with Aryselmalyr. Unlike other forces, they are not required to make oaths of fealty to the sea elf empire. »

  • -6676 DR
  • The Golden Era of Aryselmalyr Begins
    With the end of koalinth border wars against the elven cities of the Hmur Plateau and the Selmal Basin, and a peace accord with the Marid States (as some jann join the Dukar Orders), this marks the beginning of 5,000 years of general peace in Seros. »

  • -6100 DR
  • End of the Marid States
    The deep-water Marid States mysteriously vanish or fall prey to kraken attacks. Many marids and jann also vanish or die over the course of sixteen years, though the bulk of the disappearances occur this year. This ends the major challenge to Aryselmalyr's control of Seros, thought the Dukars temper their rule. »

  • c. -1720 DR
  • The Netherese begin to explore Seros. They establish three crystal-doomed, subsea colonies - Cuulmath, Werapan, and Quelauuvis - on the continental shelf off the land that will become Sembia (over the Plains of Duna), which is within claimed territories of the elves and merfolk. Netherese mages either keep Aryselmalyn forces at bay or enslave any Serosians that enter their sphere of influence. The colonies are collectively called Deep Netheril. »

  • -1694 DR
  • Rise to power of the Merynth Dynasty of Aryselmalyr under the warrior Essyl Merynth, nephew of the dying Coronal Tanrah Eshalniith. »

  • -1660 DR
  • Battle of the Three Seaflames
    Destruction of the three "Deep Netheril" enclaves of Cuulmath, Werapan, and Quaeluuvis by allied mages of Seros, including the High Mages and the full contingent of Dukars of Aryselmalyr. The subsequent explosion creates Saerloon Bay and Selgaunt Bay. »

  • -1588 DR
  • Attempts to raise a mythal over the sea elf capital of Coryselmal fail. Feeling betrayed by the Seldarine, Coronal Essyl Merynth of Aryselmalyr succumbs to the whispers of Dagon and begins sliding quietly into madness. »

  • -1537 DR
  • The merrow kingdom of P'karnis falls to the sea elves of Aryselmalyr. »

  • -1531 DR
  • Nearly thirty percent of all merfolk of Seros are killed as Aryselmalyr viciously puts down the rebellion at Thalorlyn. »

  • The First Dukars' War
  • -1527 DR to -1523 DR
    Within the scope of the Third Seros War, the fifth Dukar Order of Nantari (those who vowed allegiance to Aryselmalyr) goes to war against the other orders. »

  • -1525 DR
  • Merrow and koalinth band together into the Horde of Bloodtide, only to be defeated again by the mad King Kyron of Thalorlyn. The rebel Republic of Tivaan rises among the merfolk to unite the Hmur Plateau against Aryselmalyr's mad ruler, once spies reveal that Coronal Essyl and King Kyron have allied with kraken to supplement their power. »

  • -1501 DR
  • The Dukars again become an independent group of peacemakers not answerable to Aryselmalyr. The Nantari Order is dissolved, though the school at Myth Nantar is rebuilt as an academy where all four orders convene to keep a closer eye on the magic of Aryselmalyn elves. »

  • -800 DR
  • Rise of the Purple Order of Pamas
    A small band of forty Dukars abandon their normal colors and allegiances to form the Pamasi Order, dedicated to a harassing war against Aryselmalyr and its increasingly draconian tactics against wizardry. The Dukars seek to embarrass Coronal Vaeqiis II and raise awareness of the problems among the common folk in Seros, not just the wizardly orders. »

  • -780 DR
  • The Kraken Gambit:
    Coronal Vaeqiis II Merynth of Seros desperately allies with two kraken to shatter the Four Arcana of Humbar, the peaceful morkoth magocracy. The few survivors of this offensive dive into deeper waters, away from Aryselmalyr's persecution. »

  • -777 DR
  • End of the Fifth Seros War:
    The Fifth Seros War ends following the deaths of Vaeqiis II Merynth and her kraken allies, the result of sacrifices by a small band of Dukars of the Jhimari Order, but not before the destruction of the shalarin kingdom of Es'krin and the morkoth magecracy known as the Arcana of Humbar. Aryselmalyr's new ruler (approved by the four Grand Dukars as well as the elf nobility) is Coronal Pravis Orlson, who restores the peace missed for over six centuries. Kayas the Krakenscourge the traditional weapon of the Triton Protectorates of the Sea of Fallen Stars, passes into the possession of the Orlson Dynasty. »

  • -760 DR
  • Rise of Es'rath
    The surviving shalarin, having quietly slipped into the deeper waters left vacant by the morkoth, announce the official rise of Es'rath, the shalarin kingdom of the deep. Its close ties to the Dukars and its own power keep Aryselmalyr at bay. »

  • -412 DR [Year of Weary Kings]
  • The Orlson Dynasty in Seros ends, and the crown of Aryselmalyr passes to House Vesahliir of the barony of Naramyr. »

  • -294 DR [Year of Sundry Violence]
  • The Coronal Luszoch rises to power in Aryselmalyr, and makes many veiled threats to all allied and subject powers during his first tour of the empire. While no one acts outwardly, all forces prepare for war but wait for the belligerent coronal to make the wrong move. »