• c. -23900 DR
  • The forest community of Sharlarion survives the Sundering nearly complete. These fortunate elves increases their number and spread into the surrounding forest, hills, and lowlands.

    The elvish kingdom of Aryvandaar (preset-day High Forest) is established. »

  • -18800 DR
  • Establishment of the first elf settlements of Miyeritar (present-day High Moor and Misty Forest) by green and dark elves due to political differences with the gold elves of Aryvandaar. »

  • -15300 DR
  • The elvish Vyshaan clan rises to power in Aryvandaar under Coronal Ivosaar Vyshann. »

  • c. -14700 DR
  • Aryvandaar's rulers begin attempts to diplomatically and peacefully annex Miyeritar into their realm and under their control. »

  • -13200 DR
  • Skirmishing and trade interference starts between Aryvandaar and Miyeritar. »

  • c. -12500 DR
  • The elves of Aryvandaar discover the Hall of Mists beneath the High Forest and summon an arakhor (an elder form of treant) to guard the site. Over the millennia, this creature becomes known as Grandfather Tree. »

  • The First Crown War
  • -12000 DR to -11300 DR
    Rise of the Vyshaantar Empire
    After centuries of fruitless diplomacy, the impatient, grasping rulers of Aryvandaar attack Miyeritar and begin putting political pressure on Shantel Othreier to join them or suffer the same fate. »

  • -11800 DR
  • Miyeritar is militarily occupied and annexed by Aryvandaar, though a number of clans and strongholds resist and continue to fight. Many elves of Illefarn, despite its officially neutral stance, provide secret safe havens for Miyeritari refugees. »

  • The Second Crown War
  • -11700 DR to -11200 DR
    Battle flares up yet again in answer to the aggressions of Aryvandaar. Ilythiir rises up and viciously strikes out at any that support the gold elves of the north. Its nearest neighbor Orishaar, a major trade partner with Aryvandaar, falls swiftly in a brutal surprise attack. »

  • -11300 DR
  • End of the First Crown War
    Miyeritar conquered by Aryvandaar. »

  • The Third Crown War
  • -10900 DR to -10600 DR
    Conflicts erupt as accords finally fail between Shantel Othreier and Aryvandaar. The Aryvandaar elves were encouraged in their aggression by the fallen Malkizid. »

  • -10750 DR
  • One gold elf clan and two moon elf clans of Aryvandaar, along with gold and moon elf clans of other elf realms, flee the Vyshaan and establish the realm of Ilodhar along the western shores of a mountain-nested lake (present-day Lake of Miir). »

  • -10700 DR
  • Battle of the God's Theater
    The God's Theater (present-day the Tunlands) on eastern Shantel Othreier is the site of one of the largest and costliest of all the Crown Wars' battles. Nearly 70,000 elves died at the hands of elf and orc enemies, as an orc horde 100,000 strong fell upon the already embattled elves. Aryvandaar won the day, and occupied the northern half of Shatel Othreier. »

  • -10600 DR
  • End of the Third Crown War
    Aryvandaar conquers Shantel Othreier after the mysterious death of Coronal Ynloeth. Only Ardeep, a vassal realm of Shantel Othreier, continues to resist the Vyshaar. Guerilla fighting and rebel mages arise in parts of Miyeritar and the newly conquered territories. »

  • -10500 DR
  • The Dark Disaster
    Miyeritar is engulfed in killing storms, which reduce this entire forest and realm into a barren wasteland in three months. Although no proof could ever be found, many believe the High Mages of Aryvandaar inflicted the Dark Disaster on Miyeritar.

    Shock over the Dark Disaster establishes an uneasy four decades of peace, as nearly every elf of Faerun shrinks back in awe and horror from the havoc wrought by the Crown Wars. »

  • -10460 DR
  • Aryvandaar finally conquers the elf realm of Ardeep. The Vyshaanti slay two of its rulers - Ilitharath and his grandson Tarosspur - in the hundred years it takes to bring Ardeep under their control. »

  • -10300 DR
  • The elves of Keltormir, opposed on both sides by the Vyshaan of Aryvandaar and the dark elf Clan Hune of Ilythiir, strategically withdraw from eastern Keltormir, holding their lines at Highland's Edge. »

  • -10270 DR
  • The Stone and Claw Campaigns
    The withdrawal of Keltormir's forces to close and defend its own borders pits the forces of Aryvandaar and Ilythiir against each other. They soon close ranks and fight incessantly for two centuries. Battles rage across the giant-infested mountains and wemic-claimed plains north of Keltormir. »

  • -9900 DR
  • Aryvandaar's covert persecution of High Mages and priests begins, as they attempt to destroy or control any who might somehow force their descent as they did the drow. Although not destroyed utterly, Illefarn and its colony in the Llewyrrwood (present-day Neverwinter Wood) are annexed by Aryvandaar as its nobility of priests and High Mages died under the persecution of the increasingly-crazed Coronal Gillvas Vyshaan. Many elves of both lands flee to the remnants of Shantel Othreier. »

  • -9800 DR
  • The Vyshantaar Empire's forces occupy all elf realms (except Keltormir) from the High Forest of Aryvandaar to the sweltering southern forests of Ilythiir. They begin the colonization and settlement of Evermeet. »

  • -9750 DR
  • The Riildath (present-day Rawlinswood and Forest of Lethyr) is settled by moon elves and gold elves of Shantel Othreier fleeing the persecution of the Vyshaan of Aryvandaar, becoming the realm of Lethyr. The elves of the Riildath discover the horrors of Narathmault and resolve to clear the forest fo all N'Tel'Quess (non-elves) so as to safegaurd them from the foul legacies of Ilythiir. »