• -215 DR [Year of the Oracle]
  • End of the Sixth Seros War
    The new powers of Seros are shalarin As'arem, the morkoth Theocracy of the Deep Ones, and the merfolk Kingdom of Hmurrath. The Rise of Hmurrath signals the start of the Third Epoch. »

  • The Eighth Seros War
  • 319 DR to 321 DR
    Conflict between the shalarins of As'arem and the merfolk of Hmurrath against the ixitxachitl of Paolan Reef. »

  • 916 DR [Year of the Sinhala]
  • The shalarins of the Fourth Passing and children of other generations found the new kingdom of Es'roch, further expanding As'arem in Seros. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Greengrass Eadar Ri'ola'con of As'arem dies mysteriously while in his palace at Us'roch. The Warrior caste of Es'rath accuses their long-time political enemies in Es'roch of slaying the eadar. Political and interclan strife ensues across As'arem, which does not calm after Ri'ola'con is found to have been poisoned. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • The Fifth Shalarin Passing
    Shalarins are once again swept out of the Sea of Corynactis and into the Sea of Fallen Stars. This fifth and final passing results in a permanent portal between the two seas. The shalarins of As'arem and the new arrivals endeaver to keep the existence of the portal as quiet as possible, fearing the reprecussions to both communities if word of its existence gets out to other folk of Faerun.

    In the interval between the Fourth Passing and the Fifth Passing, the Corynactisian shalarins all but abandoned their ancient deities, who had grown silent. The cult of Dagon is now the predominant religion in the Sea of Corynactis, and those shalarins opposed to its butgeoning influence were largely swept up by the Fifth Passing and deposited in Seros. Once the Serosian shalarins realize the danger, they largely cut off travel between the two communities. However, the cult of Corynactis, as it is also known, has already taken root among their community, and its ranks continue to grow in secret among their number. »