• 375 DR [Year of the Woeful Resurrection]
  • Ashar's March
    Ashar Tornamn of Valashar begins a 15-month march north along the Sword Coast and into the Western Heartlands seeking to expand the hegemony of the Shoon Imperium. »

  • 376 DR [Year of the Leaping Hare]
  • After thirty-five years of expansion under King Ashar, Valashar (and the Shoon Empire) stretches as far north as the Troll Mountains and the High Moor by summer. Responding to the claim of northern lands by King Ashar and the expansion toward Cormyr's western border, Crown Prince Azoun I mounts a bold campaign that swiftly crushes Valashar's armies on the Fields of the Dead and drives the Shoonite forces back through Amn, Tethyr and Valashar before sacking Ithmong and other garrisons along the way. The Shoon Empire's borders shrink back to the Giant's Run Mountains, and Lord Tornamn is exacuted. »