• War of Three Leaves
  • -17100 DR to -16800 DR
    The unification of the Satyrwood (Thearnytaar, Eiellur, and Syorpiir) is thwarted by dark elf Ilythiiri spies and assassins, killing their leaders and framing opposing heirs, driving the three realms to a multi-front war. Ilythiir's influence is not discovered for centuries. »

  • -2381 DR
  • Beholders appear in the Alimir Mountains and swiftly overrun the eastern garrisons of Calimshan before being pushed back into the mountains. The beholder city of Zokir, the City of Orbs, is established. The Tavihr Dynasty ends with the assassination of its bakkal and fire claiming the western half of Calimport. The Erehnir Dynasty comes to power in Calimshan. »

  • -1955 DR
  • Lashia is assassinated by ambitious students that plunges Dagger's Point into a street war that lasts for more than five years. »

  • -1486 DR
  • Brightfinger of Netheril is assassinated in Canlespiere by the Ashwind Assassins, so named for their calling card of leaving nothing but intermingled ashes of their victums in their wake.

    With all of the interest that other arcanists paid on creating spells that blew things up, Brightfinger was amazed that the archwizards weren't demanding a more practical application for magic use. Taking his lead from a priest he grew up with, he started experimenting with giving arcanists some of the useful magics that priests wielded.

    While he did create a spell produced light, he earned acclaim among his peers for creating Brightfinger's dancers, a spell that created "mischievous" light sources. He was so impressed that the other arcanists could be intrigued at such a spell that he set to work on a more improved version that would detonate when someone followed it. It's unknown whether he actually finished or not. »

  • -1377 DR
  • Using powerful Imaskari artifacts unearthed in the ruins of Thakos, the artificer Tan Chin assassinates the Sapphire Empress Kwan Ying and assumes the throne of Shou Lung. The new emperor renames Ten Mor Shou to Kuo Meilan, after his consort. »

  • -819 DR
  • A Dukar allegedly assassinates Coronal Lynsal, and his paranoid daughter Vaeqiis II begins sanctions against the four Dukar Orders of Myth Nantar and all wizards throughout the Sea of Fallen Stars. »

  • -188 DR [Year of Wrongful Martyrs]
  • The Throne Wars begin in Calimshan as Syl-Pasha Malik yn Arsaf el Majzar is assassinated and many factions war among themselves for the caleph's throne as Calimport is set abalze. By year's end, fifteen people rise to the throne with all but one dying. »

  • -55 DR [Year of Traitorous Thoughts]
  • Lharida (Ithal) Soleilon, acting regent of Westgate is poisoned and dies. The 17 year old Prince Ryndath II becomes the active king. »

  • -1 DR [Year of Shattered Relics]
  • Akkabar the Younger, eldest grandson of the syl-pasha and elder brother of Amahl I and Arhymeria, dies in a tavern brawl in Memnon that is later revealed to be a revenge assassination by vengeful Tethyrian clansman. As the father of King Amahl II of Tethyr and the proclaimed heir of Syl-Pasha Akkabar Shoon, his death brings much suffering to Tethyr. »

  • 1 DR [Year of Sunrise]
  • Loaraven "the Poxed" Mirandor becomes king of Impiltur when his brother Tamarth is assassinated and left no children. »

  • 43 DR [Year of Frostbrands]
  • Fendarn Mirandor, king of Impiltur dies. Delrath becomes king. Delrath is assassinated by agents of "the Thronelord" (his uncle, Loranth Phaelith) and his twin brother, Delrorn. »

  • 72 DR [Year of the Climber's Rest]
  • Morlorn "the Usurper" Mirandor becomes the king of Impiltur after he poisons his nephew Varanth II. »

  • 557 DR [Year of the Melding]
  • Nejizar sends yuan-ti infiltrators south to the Reaching Woods to incite the hobgoblin tribes to march against Phalorm. Ultimately the hobgoblins are repelled and the serpentine provocateurs assassinated. This defeat forces the serpentfolk of Najara to retreat into the Serpent Hills. »

  • 626 DR [Year of the Eagle and Falcon]
  • Nobles of House Orbil attempt to seize the throne of Impiltur after assassinating King Bellodar I Durlarven. Their rebellion is savagely put down, and they are declared outlaw and consigned to exile. King Bellodar II is crowned king of Impiltur.
    This entry has a conflicting date with the lineage of Impiltur which suggests that this took place in 624 DR »

  • 697 DR [Year of the Triton's Horn]
  • King Davyd of Delimbiyran is assassinated and dies without a legitimate heir. This causes the fall of the Kingdom of Man and its dissolution into petty kingdoms such as Calandor, Scathril, and Loravatha. »

  • 753 DR [Year of Strife]
  • In Flostren's Hold, Lord Zhentar is slain by a sorcerous agent of the Sembians. Lord Elephstron dies as an innocent bystander. Elephstron's son Jhoaz is named to the Council of Lords as Lord of the Keep. Flostren's Hold is renamed Zhentil Keep to honor the memory of Zhentar. »

  • 1094 DR [Year of the Crested Thrush]
  • Imnel IV Torlath is slain by the Skeletal Fingers thieves guild. Niskam "the Doomed" takes the throne of Amn. Later in the year, Niskam is slain by assassins hired by the Braethar merchant house, who places Imnel IV's bastard son, Rhor "the Lackey" on the throne. »

  • 1161 DR [Year of the Quiet Earth]
  • In Chessenta, the Karanok Clan takes over as the Lords of Luthcheq under suspicious circumstances. Although all records of the events have been destroyed, it is likely that assassination was involved, since no known descendants of the old noble family survive today. »

  • 1193 DR [Year of the Peltast]
  • Banite assassins slay Rhinn Wavegold, the king of Amn. Erdhinn II, Rhinn's younger brother takes the throne. »

  • 1219 DR [Year of Prideful Tales]
  • Battle of Steaming Horses / Battle of Tan
    In the Forty-First Incursion recorded by the historians of T'u Lung, Wai Chu Doang leads his troops in the Battle of Tan. They are routed, and the emperor is chased into the T'hai Salt Flats and slain by Shou assassins. Wai Chu Cor, the emperor's only son, turns back the incursion but dies of wounds suffered in the Battle of Steaming Horses before he can ascend the throne. Wai Chu Doang's grandson, Wai Juku A'ti, becomes the sixth emperor of T'u Lung. »

  • 1227 DR [Year of the Wall]
  • Dhalmass, the Warrior King of Cormyr, seizes the port city of Marsember. He and his queen Jhalass Huntsilver die under mysterious circumstances on their return to Suzail. The Fire Knives assassin guild is suspected. Palaghard II Obarskyr, Dhalmass's second son is crowned king. »