• 100 DR [Year of Greybeards]
  • Athkatla, the capital city of the nation of Amn is founded. »

  • 460 DR [Year of Scorching Suns]
  • The former Shoonite Western Emirate of Amin becomes the country of Amn under King Esmel I, who establishes the Torlath Dynasty. Amn exists as the three major city-states of Athkatla, Crimmor, Murann, west of Lake Esmel. »

  • 1188 DR [Year of the Soft Fogs]
  • The Flame of the Spirit (an artifact of Tymora) is given the nickname "Helgarth's Death" when after a furious young apprentice, Nagathra of Baldur's Gate, takes revenge on her master after a whipping by thrusting the gem into his mouth and holding it there. Nagathra finds herself attacked by all of Helgarth's servitor-creatures and her fellow apprentices. In the battle, the Flame is hurled out into the streets along with most of the eastern side of Helgarth's Tower. It is gingerly taken up and put on display under a glass hood in Amscoth's Ales, a tavern where many travelers see it (including the historian Urbuth of Athkatla and several Tymoran priests) and heard the increasingly fanciful tales of its exploits as "the Flying Flame" that sought out and slew the evil or the unworthy or just the foes of the Hidden One who commanded it from afar. »

  • 1267 DR [Year of the Groaning Cart]
  • Battle of Weeping Rock
    The forces of the House of the Broken God and the House of Holy Suffering battle for the last time. Lord Sire Jargus Holenhond of the Order of the Golden Cup declares the interfaith war must end, that the Tome of Torment is to be taken from Mussum to Keltar, and that the Archsufferer of the House of the Golden God, as the cause of all this needless suffering, is to be cast out of office and sent to a hermitage to live out his days in solitary devotion.

    The weary paladins agree and all is done as he suggested. The chosen hermitage is a cavern on the tiny, windswept isle of Falconsrise, which climbs alone out of the sea west of the Singing Rocks. It is too small to be shown on most charts, but it boasts a tiny freshwater lake, and has had no predators since the previous hermit, the saintly Onthaer of Athkatla. The former Archsufferer, now simply Brother Priest Waelarn, slaughters most of the crew of the ship that takes him there through spells. Other Ilmatari priests onboard contacts an unknown mage who forcably places Waelarn on the island, and also turning him into a mongrelman, making him unable to cast spells. Waelarn goes mad within the year.

    The new leader of the House of Broken God, Althea the Abased, announces that the Tome should not be the ranking priests of the faith, instead it should be used to spread the word of Ilmater across the Realms. Accordingly, she chooses to be bound onto a rack and dragged behind mules from one temple or shine of Ilmater to another all up and down the Sword Coast.

    Althea chooses a knight of the Holy Warriors of Suffering, one Blaermon the Blessed (so-called because he survived on hopeless battle after another). She commissions him to take the Tome off into the wild and give it to the first Ilmatari in need. »

  • 1314 DR [Year of the Shadowtop]
  • The Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) is purchased in Scornubel by the merchant trader Aughen of Athkatla. Aughen had intended to take the tome to Sembia and there auction it, but his ship is sunk in Suzail by a golem rising up, appearing from the bottom of the harbor. In the wreck, the book vanishes again. »

  • 1345 DR [Year of the Saddle]
  • The Coast Plague afflicts Murann, Athkatla, Purskul, and Crimmor in Amn, killing thousands of people. The plague spreads by caravan, infecting folk in Beregost and Zazesspur. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Milil appears in Athkatla during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1364 DR [Year of the Wave]
  • The sage Terithus of Athkatla publishes the chapbook Red Her Valor, about the heroics of the Red Knight as a mortal during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • Tarsakh 10 From Athkatla, the Council of Six sends a fleet of twenty carrack ships to break the blockade on Murann. Secretly aided by the Rundeen and select Tethyrian nobles, the pirates withstand the attack, leaving the majority of Amn's fleet scuttled in Tarseth Bay. »

  • 1379 DR [Year of the Lost Keep]
  • Amn's colonization efforts in Chult finally begin to pay off the investment of ships, men, and gold. An entire tribe of savage humanoids is forcibly transplanted fro the deep jungles and resettled in a caged preserve in the Amnish city of Athkatla. The parasitic disease sweeps through Athkatla and kills one of the Council of Six is blamed on the presence of the preserve, but before the savages can be eradicated, they escape to Amn's interior. »