• 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • Birth of Azoun V Rhigaerd Palaghard Duar Obarskyr, son of Tanalasta (first born daughter of Azoun IV) and Rowan Cormaeril (who were married in the eyes of Chauntea, although there were no witnesses), and grandson to Azoun IV, in Cormyr. »

  • Nalavatoryl the Devil Dragon leads an army of orcs and goblins and despoils much of Cormyr. The dragon and King Azoun IV slay each other in battle, leaving the infant heir Azoun V Obarskyr, son of Tanalasta (who also perishes during the conflict), on Cormyr's throne.
    Azoun IV's second daughter Alusair acts as regent till the heir comes of age. »

  • 1384 DR [Year of Three Streams Blooded]
  • At the insistence of several members of Court and the young king himself, Azoun V Obarskyr is crowned the 72nd King of Cormyr and the Steel-Regent, Azoun V's aunt, Alusair steps down.

    The new king attempts to make official a Royal Decree that would give "freemen" the right to a hearing before other "freemen" in the face of accusations of wrongdoing, even if that accusation were to come from a noble. In the face of stiff resistence from every aristocrat in Cormyr, Azoun V does not follow through with the decree. However, he puts the nobles of his kingdom on notice that someday he will successfully enact just such a decree, no matter the resistance they offer. »

  • 1390 DR [Year of the Walking Man]
  • Dowager Dragon Queen, Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr, dies. Alusair attends the state funeral, argues briefly and privately with her nephew, Azoun V the king, and disappears altogether from Court. Rumors persist of her riding through the frontiers and borderlands, but no confirmed reports of her appearance exists following the burial of Filfaeril. »

  • 1392 DR [Year of the Scroll]
  • The Dragon Coast city of Pros petitions the Crown of Cormyr to become a vassel-state in order to protect it from the ravages of the Spellplague. Azoun V reluctantly accepts. By year's end, Pros' sister-town of Ilipur joins the Forest Kingdom as well. Unfortunately the receding waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars have spelled ruin for these small trading towns. »

  • 1393 DR [Year of the Ring]
  • Sembian investors begin buying up land in the southern Dales. Concerned, Azoun V of Cormyr issues a formal objection to the Dale's Council in Archendale but the King's emissary is rebuffed. »

  • 1394 DR [Year of Deaths Unmourned]
  • Cormyr tries to retake the Hullack Forest from the occupying Eldreth Veluuthra, but King Azoun V soon turns his attention to the more pressing threats of Netheril and Sembia. »

  • 1395 DR [Year of Silent Death]
  • Sakkors, the Netherese floating enclave not seen since the days before the Spellplague, makes a reappearance over Daerlun in the dead of night. The following morning civil unrest breaks out throughout the city. Azoun V sends elite swordmages to restore order in the city. »

  • 1396 DR [Year of the Secret]
  • King Azoun V Obarskyr of Cormyr marries Nalara Marliir the daughter of Lord High Marshal Dauneth Marliir and Krystin Lhal. »

  • 1409 DR [Year of True Omens]
  • Birth of Foril I Obarskyr, second son of Azoun V and Queen Nalara Marliir in Cormyr. »

  • 1437 DR [Year of the Silent Flute]
  • Jemra Rhindaun is killed in a failed assassination attempt on Azoun V. »

  • 1442 DR [Year of Darkenbeasts Risen]
  • King Azoun V ennobles the Goldfeather family, who had previously been stripped of their title. »

  • 1449 DR [Year of the Godly Invitation]
  • Death of King Azoun V Obarskyr.
    Coronation of King Foril I of Cormyr. »