• -359 DR [Year of Boiling Moats]
  • Borem, one of the Seven Lost Gods, becomes active after long years of appearing as a simple muddy river. After a hot summer, the river broke it's banks and became a lake in the space of a tenday of rainfall.

    In their quest for godhood, the Dead Three (Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul) attack Borem in his home plane after making the connection between him and the river. The three slay Borem and steel his heart, which they bore to Mezeketh Isle and buried it there. »

  • -357 DR [Year of Sycophants]
  • A coalition of many peoples and races led by the three mortals who would become known as the Dead Three (Bane, Myrkul, and Bhaal), manages to bind the primordial Maram of the Great Spear (one of the Seven Lost Gods) and seal him back in the Elemental Chaos near Rystall Wood. »

  • -350 DR [Year of Craven Words]
  • Hassk summons the elder evil, Hargut of the Gray Pestilence, to combat a goblinoid horde. Hargut slays tens of thousands of goblins, consigning their souls to the Barrens of Doom and Despair.

    While Hargut was busy, three humans who would come to be known as the Dead Three, attacks and nearly slays Haask, revealing his true form as a doppleganger of the elder batrachi race. As Haask lay dying, the Dead Three persuade him to agree to a ritual that binds him and Hargut together as one entity under the command of the three. Hargut agrees and together they become Haask, Voice of Hargut, a fell entity bound to the Ironfang Keep and who would create many abominations and chimeric creatures. »

  • 200 DR [Year of Leaping Flames]
  • The Rogue Fires
    All of northern and western Calimport (Firewalls shield the docks from fires set by opposing rogue factions to gain control of upper city); 60% population of Upper Calimport die in the fires. The temples of Bane, Talona, and Mystra plus numerous villas also are lost to the fires. »

  • 752 DR [Year of High Treachery]
  • The Cleansing of the Council begins in Flostren's Hold. Lords opposed to Zhentar are slain. Brest, warrior-priest of Bane, is guided by visions from his god to accept a seat on the council. »

  • 753 DR [Year of Strife]
  • The Dark Shrine, a temple to Bane, is founded in Flostren's Hold by High Priest Brest. »

  • 766 DR [Year of Yearning]
  • The Brothers of the Black Hand, a cadre of Bane-worshipping evil wizards exiled from Ascalhorn, steal High Mage Ederan's Staff of Silverymoon and a number of priceless magical artifacts; the items are never recovered, though most of the Black Hand wizards are found and executed. »

  • 800 DR [Year of the Black Fist]
  • Rise of the power of Bane in the Realms. Stallac Benadi, a devout cleric of Bane, is made the first High Imperceptor by an avatar of the god of strife. »

  • 844 DR [Year of the Midnight Sun]
  • Stallac Benadi, after serving as High Imperceptor to Bane for over 40 years, reaches a level of power beyond anything Banites had previously achieved, and he is commanded by Bane to enter a self-imposed exile deep beneath the city of Zhentil Keep. There, he was commanded by Bane to create an empire of hatred and strife that would one day ascned to the surface of Faerun, elevating the worship of Bane beyond anything previously achieved. Stallac and a handful of trusted followers begin createing a vast underground empire beneath Zhentil Keep. »

  • 865 DR [Year of Flamedance]
  • Algashon Nathaire, a powerful mystic theurge (cleric / mage) of Bane, befriends Sammaster (in or near Baldur's Gate) and the two begin to work together. Algashon sought to turn Sammaster away from Mystra and thereby steal for the Black Lord the secret of Mystra's silver fire.

    Through the years together, Algashon whispers turn Sammaster toward bitterness, resentment, and evil. »

  • 916 DR [Year of the Sinhala]
  • With Sammaster's apparent downfall, it leads to the first schism among the Followers of the Scaly Way - some followers remain loyal to the memory of the First Speaker and continue to operate openly, while others followed Algashon into secrecy and exile, first to Urmlaspyr and then west and north into the Western Heartlands and the North. Most cells are eventually forced by their enemies to follow Algashon into hiding or face extinction. This allows Algashon to return to Sembia and becomes the first of the Wearers of Purple. However, Algashon's view of the organization as primarily religious, commanding obedience to the Sacred Ones and Bane, soon clashed with the beliefs of the more pragmatic adherents, who saw the Dragon Cult as a means to further their own personal power. In time, the latter group found a leader in the archmage Tuelhalva Drakewings, but open skirmishing between the two sects soon force the Drakewings faction into hiding. »

  • 972 DR [Year of the Cairngorm Crown]
  • After the recent defeat in Surkh, dissidents within the Cult of the Dragon begin to openly question Algashon's leadership and the weighty influence the church of Bane has had in Cult operations in the preceding years, with the mage Tuelhalva Drakewings becoming a particularly outspoken opponent of the god of tyranny's place in the Cult.

    The Cult refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least 10 new cells in this time period. The only known failure of the Cult to infiltrate an area during this era is in Silverymoon. »

  • c. 995 DR to 1000 DR
  • Factionalism within the Cult increases with most members joining either Algashon Nathaire's reformational Baneinfluenced camp or Tuelhalva Drakewings' pragmatic faction. »

  • 1004 DR [Year of the Oracle's Carcass]
  • Stallac Benadi, the High Imperceptor of Bane, (although he had extended his life through potions of longevity) was fearing death. He petitions Bane for aid and was transformed into a Banelich. So powerful was Stallac's new form that he could cast his divine spells without need of divine assisstance (in essence, he becomes a minor demipower). Thus, in his lair beneath Zhentil Keep, he quietly amassed power for the next three centuries.

    Over the next 3 centuries, numerous powerful wizards also achieved lichdom and sought lairs beneath Zhentil Keep. Several of them confronted Stallac and attempted to drive him from their city but they were destroyed by his might. In the end, the lich-mages were forced to content themselves with building domains around the underground empire of Stallac and his forces of Bane, for they had come to fear the wrath of the Banelich. »

  • 1010 DR [Year of Three Signs]
  • Bane chooses to no longer make any more Baneliches after this time (due to the tendency of new Baneliches not wanting to relinquish the rank of High Imperceptor to a mortal agent). Before this date, records have revealed signs of at least 35 Baneliches coming into existence, and the deaths of only 10 have been documented. »

  • 1141 DR [Year of Eyes]
  • Strife, the sixth High Imperceptor of Bane is killed by Harpers. »

  • 1187 DR [Year of the Arcane Guise]
  • The Key of Faith (an artifact of Oghma) first surfaces in Sembia, when a merchant by the name of Feldro comes to the Hall of Scrolls in Ordulin (a fledgling "rent-and-read" library founded and maintained by Oghmanyte clergy). He begins babbling about a "Holy Quest" of which the Wise God had spoken to him at a chance meeting in the backlands. The Lord Librarian of the Hall receives a dream-vision that featured a frowning Oghma pointing sternly at Feldro!

    So it was that the Holy Quest for the Key began, drawing Oghmanyte priests from all over Faerun to the Hall. Priests of Bane, who had long battled the priests of the Binder for influence in upland Sembia, sees an opportunity to rid themselves fo many rivals at a stroke. They summon literally tons of monsters down onto the roof of the Hall without warning, and the fell creatures infested the Hall. The Banites spread word that Oghmanytes dabbled in dark beast-magics and had died by thier own misadventures, and the Hall and most of the Sembian priesthood of Oghma perished in one afternoon.

    The surviving priests of Oghma set forth on two quests, one to slay two Banite priests for every Oghmanyte killed in the collapse of the Hall, and the other to find the Key.

    Of all the priests of Oghma who undertook the Holy Quest, only 26 reached the final room. Oghma declares the quest fulfilled, and that the Key is not ment to travel the Realms. After each priest touched the Key, if vanished. It is understood that the Key would lie in dungeons and lairs and ruins and tombs, to be found by adventurers, to be serve them briefly and then vanish of its own accord. »

  • 1193 DR [Year of the Peltast]
  • Banite assassins slay Rhinn Wavegold, the king of Amn. Erdhinn II, Rhinn's younger brother takes the throne. »

  • 1263 DR [Year of the Tressym]
  • Fzoul Chembryl steps forward in Zhentil Keep to take up the reins of authority for the Dark Shrine of Bane. »

  • 1272 DR [Year of the Shrieker]
  • Zhentarim wizards and priests of Bane and Myrkul raise an army of undead, orcs and other creatures to asault Silverymoon but are repelled by Alustriel Silverhand and her Spellguard. »

  • 1350 DR [Year of the Morningstar]
  • The evil god Bane, in an attempt to increase his own power, tries to draw a group of Moonsea cities into the Lower Planes. The Heroes of Phlan, who vanquished Tyranthraxus a decade earlier, foil the plot and the cities are returned. The Warhammer of Tyr is stolen by Bane. »