• -1428 DR
  • Calimport falls with the death of Syl-Pahsa Violir Cajaan IX, and beholders rule the ruined city of Calimport and its vassal empire. Qyraaptir the Bloodeye, a beholder-mage of frightening power, claims the Pasha's Throne. Beholders now rule all major settlements throughout Calimshan, Iltkazar and the Lake of Steam.

    Due to the disruption caused by the beholders, trade between Tzindylspar and Calimshan collapses almost overnight. »

  • -1402 DR
  • Qyraaptir the Bloodeye (a beholder mage) and its beholder forces fall or flee before the Drakhon priests and their allied human soldiers. Calimport is the first city freed of beholder domination, and Calimshan is free of beholder rulers within three years, thanks to the rule of the Drakhon pashas. The beholders retreat to their strongholds beneath the Alimir Mountains and along the Lake of Steam. »

  • 699 DR [Year of Rampaging Raaserpents]
  • The Magister Larongar "Firehands" is killed in a trap set by the beholder mage Quaervaxthanus.

    The beholder becomes Magister. »

  • 705 DR [Year of Watchful Eyes]
  • The beholder Magister Quaervaxthanus is slain by the human Almer Galarthund, who is horribly maimed in the battle.

    Almer becomes Magister. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Nartheling (an ancient fang dragon who resides in the Umbergoth mountains) goes on a rampage, attacking beholders on sight. Lestch'cymatium (a beholder mage) calls for the aid of numerous beholders and a full-scale war nearly erupts. The skirmishing spills over into Thay and Aglarond, alarming the people of both nations. Both assemble groups to protect their borders and to prevent the conflict from coming too far into the countries. In the wake of the Rage of Dragons, the dragon abruptly ceased hostilities. As a result, Lestch'cymatium still nominally serves Nartheling, but the alliance between the dragon and the eye tyrant is badly frayed. »