• -359 DR [Year of Boiling Moats]
  • Borem, one of the Seven Lost Gods, becomes active after long years of appearing as a simple muddy river. After a hot summer, the river broke it's banks and became a lake in the space of a tenday of rainfall.

    In their quest for godhood, the Dead Three (Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul) attack Borem in his home plane after making the connection between him and the river. The three slay Borem and steel his heart, which they bore to Mezeketh Isle and buried it there. »

  • -357 DR [Year of Sycophants]
  • A coalition of many peoples and races led by the three mortals who would become known as the Dead Three (Bane, Myrkul, and Bhaal), manages to bind the primordial Maram of the Great Spear (one of the Seven Lost Gods) and seal him back in the Elemental Chaos near Rystall Wood. »

  • -350 DR [Year of Craven Words]
  • Hassk summons the elder evil, Hargut of the Gray Pestilence, to combat a goblinoid horde. Hargut slays tens of thousands of goblins, consigning their souls to the Barrens of Doom and Despair.

    While Hargut was busy, three humans who would come to be known as the Dead Three, attacks and nearly slays Haask, revealing his true form as a doppleganger of the elder batrachi race. As Haask lay dying, the Dead Three persuade him to agree to a ritual that binds him and Hargut together as one entity under the command of the three. Hargut agrees and together they become Haask, Voice of Hargut, a fell entity bound to the Ironfang Keep and who would create many abominations and chimeric creatures. »

  • 841 DR [Year of the Hunted Elk]
  • King Samyte Mallorhen of Tethyr and his sons are slain by Uthaedeol the Blooddrenched, a priest of Bhaal, in Castle Dasaajk. Strohm V's second daughter is crowned Queen Alisande, beginning the Bormul Dynasty, or "Queen's Dynasty". »

  • 1021 DR [Year of the Howling Axe]
  • Thay strikes out against the Harpers as Bhaalian liches walk openly in the Heartlands. As a result, the Harpers go underground. »

  • 1255 DR [Year of the Raging Flame]
  • Priests of Bhaal from Amn organize a "Crusade of Slaughter". They come to the walls of Westgate before being broken by hastily hired mercenaries. Amid all the death, the Leaves of Green (an artifact of Silvanus) disappears. »

  • 1264 DR [Year of the Shattered Alter]
  • The tombs of King Strohm IV and King Samyte the Martyr in Tethyr are desecrated. The Shield of Silvam, the Royal Masque Blades, and many other items are stolen by Bhaal-worshipers. »

  • 1343 DR [Year o the Boot]
  • The Bhaalspawn Abdel Adrian is born.

    Abdel is rescued from a group of deathstalkers by the Hands of Loyal Fury. The order of paladins knew of his lineage and wished him destroyed, but their leader, Sir Daesric the Pious, could not bring himself to allow the killing of an infant. He calls upon his fiend Gorion to raise the child as a monk of Torm and through reluctance, Gorion agrees. Abdel is taken to Gorion's home in the library fortress of Candelkeep, where he is raised as Gorion's own son, unaware of his heritage and nature as a mortal child of Bhaal. The Hands keep watch over Abdel to make sure he showed no signs of evil but when Bhaal is killed during the Time of Troubles, they give up the effort.

    Other orphans are also raised there, including another Bhaalspawn called Imoen, who becomes his friend in spite of his often unfriendly and even cruel treatment of her. »

  • 1345 DR [Year of the Saddle]
  • The Lord of Murder, Bhaal, corrupts one of the Earthmother's (Chauntea) Moonwells of the Moonshae Isles. From this Darkwell, Kazagaroth the Beast attempts to destroy the Earthmother and ruin the Moonshae. »

  • 1346 DR [Year of the Bloodbird]
  • Bhaal is banished from the Moonshae Islands and Tristan Kendrick becomes the high king of the Moonshaes. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • Bhaal is present at the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar during the Time of Troubles. »

  • Eleint 26 Cyric slays Bhaal using the sword Godsbane (Mask in disguise) at Boarskyr Bridge. »

  • Marpenoth 15 A great battle in Waterdeep sees Myrkul destroyed by Midnight, Shar and Selune do battle. Cyric slays Kelemvor Lyonsbane with his sword Godsbane (actually an aspect of the god Mask). The Tablets of Fate are returned to Overlord Ao, creator of the Realms and of the gods themselves. He descends upon Toril and speaks to its inhabitants. Lord Ao declares that all gods become servants to their followers, that Midnight take Mystra's place as Goddess of Magic, and that Cyric shall take control of what was left undone by the deaths of Myrkul, Bane, and Bhaal. And, while Cyric found this responsibility quite an honor, Lord Ao was unsure he'd continue with that reasoning.

    Siamorphe manifests in Waterdeep and protects North and Sea Wards from much of the damages caused by Myrkul's Legions. »

  • The Shadow Thieves of Amn lose their entire membership of the Shade Council and two-thirds of their assassin members with the death of Bhaal. In response, they undergo a sweeping reorganization. »

  • Some of the energy released when Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul were slain combines to form a race of forsaken beings called the kir-lanan »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • Following the death of Bhaal, a bid by the Calishite chapter of the Dark Dagger to control that southern realm's underworld during the Darkstalker Wars spills over into the streets of Skullport. Agents of Ralan el Persarkhal, then a powerful rival of the Dark Dagger and now the syl-pahsa of Calimshan, enters the Port of Shadow in the guise of a Calishite slave traders. Within a matter of hours, over half of the Skulker membership of the Dark Dagger are dead and the steady flow of money and magic they had been sending to their southern brethren is interrupted. The Dark Dagger's efforts to control Calimshan's underworld collapses and the guild's authority in Skullport is seriously undermined. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Factions of rurally-based priests of Bhaal, who still venerate the dead god, clash with factions of city-based priests of Iyachtu Xvim and Cyric. The fighting stops when the priests of dead Bhaal lose their divine magic and are forced to convert to one of the newer churches. »

  • 1368 DR [Year of the Banner]
  • Bhaalspawn Crisis
    Sarevok, spawn of Bhaal, plots with the Iron Throne to start a war between Amn and Baldur's Gate by "poisoning" the iron mines above the Amnian town of Nashkel. In the conflict, Scar of the Flaming Fist mercenaries and Grand Duke Eltan of Baldur's Gate are killed and have to be resurrected. »

  • Bhaalspawn Crisis
    The city of Saradush is briefly occupied by Calishite forces before being besieged by a mercenary army under the command of the fire giant Yaga Shura. The giant commander is defeated by the Bhaalspawn Abdel Adrian, but Saradush is left a smoking ruin in the wake of the conflict. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • The Tower of Swift Death, a temple of Bhaal just outside of Tyranturos in Thay, officially switches to the worship of Cyric. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Bhaalspawn Crisis
    The Bhaalspawn Crisis comes to an end with Abdel Adrian rejecting the Throne of Bhaal (with some wise guidance from Elminster) and having the Evil God's essence being destroyed. »