• -836 DR
  • The black dragon Acridtooth takes up residence in the Swamp of Deception, a sage among dragons, Acridtooth doesn't destroy all who enter his domain, though he does demand a sacrifice of treasure of any who wishes to speak with him. A false word spoken by the visitor usually spelled death for the outsider, but Acridtooth normally kept his word when dealing with outsiders (which was unusual among his kind). »

  • -400 DR [Year of Gilded Sky]
  • The ancient black dragon Thauglorimorgorus the Black Doom, King of the Forest Country, notes the arrival of elves in his lands. »

  • -301 DR [Year of Wafting Sorrows]
  • Mather "Wyrmshroud", the second human king of Westgate, dies defending the city from the attacks of three black dragons. Glaurath "the Great", the city's captain of the guard and close friend of Mather becomes the third human king of Westgate. »

  • -205 DR [Year of Good Hunting]
  • The Passing of Power
    The Lord of Scepters, Iliphar Nelnueve of House Amaratharr and a small group of elves mets with the balck dragon Thauglorimorgorus (Thauglor) and his seconds the blue dragon Gloriankithsanus and the red dragon Mistinarperadnacles Hai Draco (Mist) to settle their differences. Iliphar challenges Thauglor to a Feint of Honor and defeats the dragon, granting the elves claim to the realm of Cormanthyr. »

  • 398 DR [Year of the Warning Ghost]
  • The Night of Dragons' Attack
    Five black and two blue dragons assault the mythal directly over Myth Drannor, testing its defenses against them. Lieutenant Itham, commander of the dragonriders, brings their full complement of six good dragons and one hundred hippogriffs against them. Although all of the evil dragons are destroyed, they also kill one bronze dragon, half the hippogriffs and their riders, and four dragonriders, including Itham, the Baneblade Morvain falls into the possession of Lady Ahskahala Durothil. »

  • 572 DR [Year of Writhing Darkness]
  • The orcish realm of Vastar falls into chaos with the death of Ologh the Overking at the claws of Iyrauroth the black dragon. »

  • 590 DR [Year of the Turning Leaf]
  • Arms-Major Pirphal of Myth Drannor dies with most of his patrol in battle with the black dragon Mrinabnahor. His sword Dragathil is lost for the next four centuries as the dragon steals it for its mountain hoard west of the Dragon Sea. »

  • 631 DR [Year of the Lone Lark]
  • An old black dragon named Chardansearavitriol seizes the crumbling ruins of the Uthtower for his lair. He soon holds sway over the Mere of Dead Men and much of the surrounding environs. »

  • 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Ches 28 The Bestial Dawn (Weeping War: Campaign #6)
    A.K.A.: Halaster's Payback (as known to the Beast-Tamers)
    The Bestial Dawn saw a relatively minor skirmish of the war become a major encounter against monsters. Hundreds of monsters suddenly appeared between the ranks of two closing squadrons at the Grove of Seven Shadowtops, not to mention an awakened dragon of local infamy. The elves and their allies, once vastly outnumbered, used the monsters as a distractions and fled with minimal casualties as the barely organized orcs and hobgoblins fell to two young dragons, a tribe of ettins, and other creatures. The battle considered a victory for the allies (only by the winnowing of the Army of Darkness), it still introduced more dangers and problems into Cormanthyr. Over 150 monsters (not including the Army of Darkness) still roamed the central forests of Cormanthyr for years after that.

    One of the few major kills claimed by the Cormanthan Allies was the death of Khaasxarax "the Slayer Ebon", an ancient black dragon whose slumber was disturbed while the early part of the battle raged. As the hulking black dragon emerged from its once-bramble-covered cave, he began feeding on both armies voraciously. Desperately, as Khaasxarax spewed his acid breath upon a party of hobgoblins, the married human wizards Agym the Crimson and Thena R'Tamaal sumoned water elementals from a nearby stream and forced them into the dragon's nose and mouth to flood its lungs and drown it! With the huge dragon's corpse as a temporary redoubt, the allies managed to flee the battle with fewer losses than without such protection. »

  • 714 DR [Year of Doom]
  • Tarsakh 10 Second Stand at Dysrisa (Weeping War: Campaign #10)
    A.K.A.: Tenyajn's Requiem, Qemba's Sorrow, the War of Tenscore Swords
    As the Army of Darkness spread into the rest of Cormanthyr, Tenyajn and 200 elf warriors confronted the largest fragment of the Army just north of Dysrisa. There many elves lost their lives, but in the end routed the enemy north and west away from Elven Court. In this battle, Tenyajn and most of his soldiers were slain, but not after sending many hundreds more to their deaths as well. The high druidess of Rillifane, Qemba Willowfane, who was said to be his beloved, personally placed Tenyajn's body in the Vale of Lost Voices, where his grave is said to be beneath the largest oak tree in the forest. Afterwards, Qemba disappeared, never to be seen again.

    Among the deaths in this battle include Kerym Tenyajn and his Moonbow Battalion, two recruited black dragon allies and four Army squadrons. »

  • Kythorn 11 Clochir's Ridge (Weeping War: Campaign # 11)
    A.K.A.: The Last Charge of the Wing and Horn, Last Run of the Moonherds, Final Fall at Clochiir
    As the cavalry reunited for its first time in months with the return of the Wing cavalry, it might have won this ground battle had it not last its greatest aerial conflich high above. Aulmpiter had enslaved Naxorlytaslsxar the Terror Tenebrous, a mature adult black dragon, as a "pet". This, and other wyverns and other creatures were controlled by the magical Staff of the Windrider. In the hands of the mezzoloth General Nyzhink of the Imperious. The Jhyrennstar-made staff and its carrier wove a flying web of death about the surviving flights of cavalry when they didn't harass the ground forces, pulling wyverns, Naxor the black dragon, and two wandering green dragons against the pegasi and griffons and dragons.

    Until the Lady Ahskahala Durothil and her gold dragon companion Garlokantha snatched the staff from Nyzhink's hold, the Wing and Claw lost more than two-thirds of their members. Once the charm of the Windrider's Staff was broken on Naxor and the other flying attackers, many of them scattered, their natures not suited to open warfare or risky situations. The black wyrm, however, was far more offended and vengeful, and turned on the creatures that dared enslave her. The mezzoloth general was swallowed in two bites, as Naxor severed its head to ensure its death. Still, her attacks on Aulmpiter only ended a battle that had long since become a rout of the Allies. To this day, the strangely honorable black wyrm awaits a chance to repay the favor she owes to Garlokantha the gold dragon, though she isn't going out of her way to do so.

    The aftermath of battle revealed the worst. All the airborne cavalry and their riders were either sorely wounded or dead; of the dragonrider leaders, but three remained alive with five dragons among them. Despite grave misgivings, Captain Selorn allowed Lady Ahskahala Durothil to sithdraw the cavalry from the war and retreat into their mountain lairs closer to Semberholme. Both strategists knew the end was near, and they knew that keeping the cavalry active would mean their deaths and leave Elven Court (or other realms) unprotected in the future. With heavy hearts, the dragons and riders of the Wing and Horn flew weakly to the west, never to see the wonders of living Myth Drannor again.

    This event lasts until Kythorn 13, 714 DR. »

  • 922 DR [Year of the Spouting Fish]
  • The great black wyrm Chardansearavitriol becomes a dracolich with the aid of Strongor Bonebag, a charismatic Priest of Myrkul with ties to the Cult of the Dragon »

  • 983 DR [Year of the Submerged Country]
  • The Magister Malune Nalonkriver is killed in Tunlands by the black dragon Constulgrael "The Water King".

    Constulgrael becomes Magister, the only true dragon to do so in the history of the office. »

  • 986 DR [Year of the Dusken Ride]
  • The dragon Magister Constulgrael is killed in an ambush by the mage Meldryn Jalensifer.

    Jalensifer, a master of disguises and stealth, becomes the new Magister. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Uruth Ukrypt suffers greatly in battle against the green dragon Claugiyliamatar and the black dragon Shammagar as both wyrms plunder the orcs' amassed wealth and destroy their food sources. »

  • Cormyr suffers greatly from dragon attacks throughout the kingdom. Arabel, Dhedluk, Eveningstar, and a score of other settlements go up in flames. Suzail itself is set upon by three red dragons and the Purple Dragon himself, Thauglorimorgorus. High Mage Thanderahast is grievously wounded in an aerial battle against Thauglor. Brought to the ground in the King's Forest, the dragon is finally slain by Crown Prince Azoun II (using the sword Orbyn) and the Mage Royal's apprentice Jorunhast. »

  • 1225 DR [Year of the Winged Worm]
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell forms in the city of Elversult and the nearby port town of Pros. This cell worked with Hethcypressarvil, better known as Cypress the Black, a rare black dragon with psionic abilities. Although he eventually becomes a dracolich, nominally under the control of the cell leaders, Hethcypressarvil circumvents the controls used to "manage" a Sacred One and comes to dominate the cell as its leader. »

  • 1282 DR [Year of the Many Mists]
  • The Magister Ohland Grethgar is killed in a spell duel in the skies over Orlumbor with the black dragon Starlaurynguldar. The wyrm also died from his wounds.

    Azuth offers the office of Magister to the mage Inhil "Hurler-of-Stars" Lauthdryn. »

  • 1290 DR [Year of the Whelm]
  • Dragonspear Castle succumbs to the depredations of a Calishite mage named Ithtaerus Casalia. The Wizard binds Daeros's dragon companion Halatathlaer in magical slumber, and then tricks Daeros into sacrificing his life and activating the portal that leads to Avernus, first of the Nine Hells of Baator. While Daeros's followers battle an incursion of baatezu, Ithtaerus loots the dragon's hoard and then lures three young and ambitious dragons to the castle by having them think that Halatathlaer and his hoard are vulnerable. The dragons destroy Halatathlaer and much of Dragonspear Castle before slaughtering each other. The only survivor, a black dragon named Sharndrel, enraged at the deceit perpetrated against him, seeks out and slays Ithaerus. He then flies away, leaving the castle a shattered ruin. It is eagerly raided by goblinkin and trolls from the High Moor as well as other evil spellcasters and brigands, until all the dwarf followers of Daeros are dead or gone. »

  • 1304 DR [Year of the Stag]
  • The black dragon, Aglistralarraghautha and her brood terrorizes the many farms in the Reddansyr area and Aglistralarraghautha herself tears open a warehouse near Teziir, which was owned by Maeran Faerlin, a rising merchant of Westgate. Maeran declares war on the dragons, and asks for donations from the dragons victims for his "dragon hunt". He hires a trio of mages, a band of archers and a minor priest of Lathander, Alion Narithryn. They are known as the Hunting Hands. Maeran trusts the Tome of the Morning into Alion's hands and has him cast the dragonbane spell.

    The Hands were successful in slaying Aglistralarraghautha and all but one of her brood, but at the cost of all the Hands, save Alion and many farmers. Although Alion was heralded as a dragonslayer, he silently returned to his home in Westgate.

    Less than a month later, a high-ranking Lathanderian priestess appears to him and commands him to go to Reth, where a irresponsible noble merchant had let his pet blue dragon hatchling escape. Alion takes the Tome and presumably ends the threat to the Vilhon, as he, the dragon and the Tome vanish from the notice of historians. »

  • 1313 DR [Year of the Shattered Oak]
  • Valraxaxath, a black dragon dwelling in the Great Swamp, rises and terrorizes the countryside for four days and nights before vanishing again. »