• 1235 DR [Year of the Black Horde]
  • Warlord of Silverymoon Khallos Shieldsunder seizes control of Siverymoon while it is besieged by the orcs of the Black Horde and has his rule usurped in turn by the mage Shallos Ethenfrost.

    A harper army led by Alustriel and Storm Silverhand destroys the besieging orcs at the Battle of Tumbleskulls with the unlooked-for aid of the archmage Tulrun of the Tent.

    Alustriel slays the self-proclaimed High Mage Shallos Ethenfrost in spellbattle. Alustriel is unanimously elected by the people of Silverymoon to rule as High Lady Mage. »

  • The armies of Amn, while battling the humanoid forces of the Black Horde, capture many orcs and force them to work at labor camps in Purskul. »