• 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Feast of the Moon Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun brings together many powerful mages in order to restore the denizens of the lost city of Miyeritaar's High Mages and cleanse part of the High Moor. In order to make the magic permanent, he and the Grand mage Ualair the Silent sacrifice themselves to create Rhymanthiin, the Hidden City of Hope.

    Laurel Silverhand Arunsun is pregnant with Khelben's twin children.

    After his death, Khelben's spirit remained in Blackstaff Tower to guide and advise future Blackstaffs.

    Tsarra Chaadren, the half-elf sorceress becomes the second Blackstaff. In public, she wears a magical illusion to make herself look like Khelben. »

  • 1375 DR [Year of Risen Elfkin]
  • Birth of Krehlan Arunsun, born to Laeral Silverhand Arunsun, the lady of Waterdeep. His was fathered by Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun. »

  • 1399 DR [Year of the Fallen Friends]
  • Tsarra Chaadren, the second Blackstaff is killed in battle against a group of vampire-wizards in the Stump Bog. Most of the Moonstars and Tsarra's heir also fall against this coven of undead. Kyriani Agrivar retrieves Tsarra's blackstaff, and returns it to Blackstaff Tower for safekeeping. Upon her arrival, she proclaims herself the new (third) Blackstaff from atop Blackstaff Tower, with Open Lord Caladorn at her side. This form of proclamation of the inheritance to the title of Blackstaff becomes tradition. »

  • 1400 DR [Year of Lost Ships]
  • Krehlan Arunsun (son of Khelben and Laural) proclaims himself the (fourth) newest Blackstaff, following the example of his predecessor, Kyriani Agrivar. The method of his announcement starts a tradition that all Blackstaffs since have followed. »

  • 1424 DR [Year of the Dog-Eared Journal]
  • Ches Chartham Dellenvol kills Krehlan Arunsun, the Blackstaff. The golden-haired half-elf sorcerer Ashemmon of Rhymanthiin becomes the next (fifth) Blackstaff. »

  • 1464 DR [Year of the Elven Swords Returned]
  • The heir to Ashemmon, the wizard Samark Dhanzscul became the (sixth) Blackstaff, after Ashemmon’s death. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • Marpenoth 20 Samark Dhanzscul, the Blackstaff, is slain by Khondar "Ten-Rings" Naomal and his son, Centiv.

    When Samark's power flowed into Vajra Safahr, Khondar kidnaps her as part of a plot to obtain access to Blackstaff Tower and rule the city. Khondar tortures her to obtain the secrets needed to enter Blackstaff Tower. Centiv begins impersonating Samark for the next 2 months, using magic to conceal his appearance, or to prevent people from revealing the truth.

    Khondar is able to acquire enough knowledge from Vajra before her rescue by Renaer Neverember and friends to enter Blackstaff Tower. He and his son Centiv enter the tower, but when Khondar sees that he needs more keys to disable the wards of the tower, he abandons his son to his fate. Khondar later acquires the six magical keys needed to disable the wards and on Nightal 12, attempts to enter the tower. Vajra, who had assumed the position of the Blackstaff by this time, summons spectral hounds that tears Khondar to shreds. His animated skeleton continues to swirl around the tower to be chased and ripped up by the illusions of the hounds as a warning to potential intruders.

    Samark's spirit joins the rest of the Blackstaffs as part of Blackstaff Tower. »

  • Nightal 11 Vajra Safahr becomes the (seventh) Blackstaff, and announces it to Waterdeep at dawn. She chooses Laraelra Harsard as her heir. »

  • Winter Solstice Renaer Neverember, along with his friends Laraelra Harsard, Torlyn Wands, Osco Sailsbuck, Meloon Wardragon, Eiruk Weskur, Harug Shieldsunder, Palek Lateriff, and with the support of the new Blackstaff, Vajra Safahr, revives the Moonstars for the betterment of Waterdeep. »

  • 1491 DR [Year of the Scarlet Witch]
  • The Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Vajra Safahr seeks the meaning of the current year's name. »