• -1286 DR
  • Creation of the Netherese city of Blister. Surrounded on all sides by sheer mountains, this military outpost was the perfect strategic stepping stone to the lands south of Netheril. It was impossible to get large numbers of attackers into the city safely due to the hazardous climb necessary to approuch, unless magic or flying mounts were used. Even then, Blister had 60 small, 30 medium, and 20 large ballista.

    In case of magical transport, the city was built into the sides of the mountains, and the neighborhoods were interconnected by plank and rope bridges and gates, making safe transport nearly impossible. Such bridges were constantly moved to varying locations and always heavily guarded. Orcs and other ground-based enemies of Netheril made numerous attempts to take over Blister. »

  • -442 DR [Year of Kings Arising]
  • Until now, the city of Blister in Netheril suffers continued attacks from goblinoids in the area, it s unexpectedly attacked by a force of phaerimm that tests the defenses of the stronghold in this year. The attack is repelled, but Blister suffered some heavy losses from which in never recovers. »

  • -312 DR [Year of Jade Roses]
  • During the waning years of this year, kobolds from the Rat's Tail clan overtake the poorly defended citadel of Blister of Netheril and burned it to the ground once they completed looting. Anauroch eventually claimed whatever the kobolds missed. »