• 1478 DR [Year of the Dark Circle]
  • The exiled Thayan Zulkirs lead their army into Thay accompanied by Aoth Fezim's Griffon Legion and Braeris Anskuld in an attempt to stop Szass Tam's plan to destroy the multiverse and build it anew as he sees fit.

    Lallara Mediocros (Zulkir of Abjuration), Malark Springhill, Samas Kul (Zulkir of Transmutation), Braeris Anskuld, Nevron (Zulkir of Conjuration), and Lauzoril (Zulkir of Evocation) die fighting Tam.

    After defeating Szass Tam, Aoth Fezim leads the Brotherhood of the Griffon into Impiltur to fight a demon-worshiping cult. The Brotherhood is betrayed by a noble and is forced to retreat, later finding employment in Chessenta. »

  • 1479 DR [Year of the Ageless One]
  • After their failed mission in Impiltur, Aoth Fezim and the Brotherhood of the Griffon find employment in Luthcheq, where a series of mysterious murders were being perpetrated. Aoth and the Brotherhood track down the killers, Abishai disguised as dragonborn. »

  • Mirtul 13 Tchazzar, the lost king of Chessenta, returns to his kingdom in Luthcheq (but not before destroying Sseelrigoth), rescued by members of the Brotherhood of the Griffon. »

  • Threskelan forces loyal to Alasklerbanbastos invaded Chessenta, Tchazzar is slow to react, preferring to remain in Luthcheq at his court. Aoth Fezim finally prevails on Tchazzar to fly to Soolabax to lead his army against the Threskelan troops. Tchazzar is slow to enter the battle and only attacks when it appeared his army would lose the battle unless he participated. He kills several lesser wyrms and routes the Threskelan army.
    Prior to the second battle in the war, Alasklerbanbastos's lieutenant Jaxanaedegor enters into an agreement with Tchazzar to switch sides during the expected combat between Alasklerbanbastos and Tchazzar. During the battle, Jaxanaedegor enters the fight only when it was obvious Tchazzar would win. Tchazzar defeats Alasklerbanbastos and destroys his physical form although not his phylactery. After the victory, Tchazzar makes Threskel a vassal state.

    Tchazzar raises an army to attack Tymanther with his allies from Akanûl. However, Aoth Fezim and other members of the Brotherhood of the Griffon convinced Akanûl to withdraw from the war and enlisted High Imaskar to fight on Tymanther's side. Even though the loss of an allied army and the entry of a powerful new adversary would have caused most generals to abandon the planned invasion, Tchazzar wanted to continue. Before he could march his army to Tymanther, Alasklerbanbastos contacted Tchazzar through magical means and explains the Brotherhood's manipulations. This sends Tchazzar into a rage and he attacks the Brotherhood's forces which starts the Battle of Luthcheq.

    During the battle Alasklerbanbastos temporarily allys with Tchazzar and the two are about to rout the combined Chessentan, Akanûlan and Brotherhood of the Griffon forces. Jhesrhi Coldcreek is able to channel the elemental fire she had infused into Tchazzar in the Shadowfell and this weakens Tchazzar so much that Sala Karanok is able to kill him. »

  • Aoth Fezim travels with Jhesrhi Coldcreek and Cera Eurthos to Rashemen with the intention of purchasing griffons from the Wychlaren (due to the loss of many griffons in the Battle of Luthcheq). He arrives in Immilmar to find several other buyers.

    The Wychlaren task Aoth and the other bidders to track down the culprits to numerous unexplained attacks and killings in Rashemen in the months prior. Aoth and the Brotherhood of the Griffon ally with a berserker lodge led by Vandar Cherlinka.

    Aoth tracks down a group of werewolves that were commanded by a cyclops from the Feywild. They follow the cyclops through the gate and confront the cyclops' formorian mistress. During this time in the Feywild, Aoth rescues a fire spirit named Zyl, who in gratitude, takes them to his master, the Stag King back in Rashemen. Aoth convinces the Stag King (a dark fey lord who rules part of Ashenwood Forest) to aid the berserkers march on the Durthan stronghold at the Fortress of the Half-Demon. This force defeats the durthans and their army of humanoids and undead and drive them into the tunnels under the fortress. The Stag King is killed in the tunnels by Durthan vampires. Zyl is also slain, defending his master.

    After the battle, Dai Shan, a Threskian noble who was also attempting to purchase the griffons, magically appears in the tunnels and tricks Aoth and his fellow Brotherhood of the Griffon members to enter a pocket plane. They are able to find a way back to Faerun, in Thay. »