• -1726 DR
  • Dragonslayers led by Rafak el Cajaan sorely wound Ylveraasahlisar the Rose Dragon and drive her out of Calimport, although she escapes the humans, Ylvera dies under the jaws of their bronze dragon ally, Cadasalmpar. The Cajaan Dynasty refounds human rule of the empire. The Cajaans feud among themselves over the next eighteen years, continually fighting and scheming for the throne of Calimshan. »

  • -1715 DR
  • Tzindylspar, the City of Rubies, is founded by the dwarves of Delzoun and some Netherese emigrants. Within a few years, a portal connects this gem-rich city with Calimshan of the Cajaan dynasty. Rubies from Tzindylspar quickly become the rage among the Calishite nobility, but few Southerners are willing to visit the frigid northern city. Most houses dispatch halfling trade representatives to manage their affairs. »

  • -1708 DR
  • The Cajaan Dynasty stabilizes in Calimshan, and the supreme ruler's title becomes pasha rather than bakkal. »

  • -1403 DR
  • The Cajaan Vengeance
    The outer districts of Calimport are set afire in an attempt to smoke out the occupying beholders during a siege of the city. »