• 200 DR [Year of Leaping Flames]
  • Cedarsproke, a druid enclave dedicated to Silvanus, is established deep in the Gulthmere Forest. »

  • 1196 DR [Year of the Shrike]
  • Rhighaermon O'Antlers, possessor of Yornar's Trail Companion weds Dathae of Essembra. During their honeymoon journey, taking the Companion to the priest Klavaeron of Cedarspoke, Dathae is revealed to be a swanmay.

    Years later, after Rhighaermon had finally laid to rest, it is Dathae that took the Companion on its "Rightful Cycle". »

  • 1391 DR [Year of the Wrathful Eye]
  • The human druid Zalaznair Crinois, transformed into a mighty treant for his service s to nature, takes hold of the druid circle in Cedarspoke. A lesser druid, able to take lion form and calling himself Firemane, rises to prominence in the same circle. »