• -2855 DR
  • Originally the 3,000-ogre community of Chanth, Canlespiere comes under Netherese control during a bloody battle. It seems that the ogres had no intention of departing the area so that the Netherese arcanist Miren could take control of the river town. Their refusal to move from the fertile lands prompted an armed response.

    The week-long purging of the ogres from Chanth soon stretched into an ongoing battle that lasted seven years as the Netherese forces sought out various strongholds of ogre resistance. This seven-year purge becomes known as the Ogres' Stand. While 3,000 ogres lost their lives, the creatures also claimed nearly 2,000 warriors and low-level arcanists in trade. »

  • -2055 DR
  • The ogres of the region near Canlespiere (of the former ogre community of Chanth) tried to exact their revenge on the Netherese for their beating centuries earlier. The ogre chieftain Storm provided an effective strategy to dealing with the humans of Netheril: he attacks the farm.

    As the attacks intensified, Netheril once again committed vast numbers of troops to the area. »

  • -2049 DR
  • The arcanists from Canlespiere and the ogre mage leader Storm meet in a fiery confrontation of the northern shores of the Southfill River. There is a great deal of speculation as to whether Storm really died, but the ogres never returned to trouble Canlespiere. »