• -72 DR [Year of Enchanted Hearts]
  • Refugees from Jhaamdath (present dayt Chondath) found the city of Chessagol (present day Tsurlagol) in south-western section of the Vast. »

  • 144 DR [Year of the Fear and Flame]
  • Battle of Elven Tears
    An alliance of free cities of Chondath attacks the elves of the Chondalwoods. Ariel (an elven city), is burned to the ground, and more than 2,000 elves die in the war. The survivors reportedly flee deeper into the woods to the city of Rucien-Xan, a mythical elven home.

    Six months after the Battle of Elven Tears, Lord Anthony Illistine is named governor of Chandath, and the city-states are finally united under one leader. »

  • 257 DR [Year of the Speaking Mountain]
  • Ugruth Mountain, a volcano near the city of Hlondeth, erupts, blackening the skies for nearly the whole year. Under the cover of the eruption, Chondath invades and conquers Hlondeth and the ruling house of Hlondeth, House Gestin falls. »

  • 260 DR [Year of Sunless Stones]
  • Chondath establishes the frontier towns of Timindar and Orbech near the ever-decreasing border of the Satyrwood. The Grand Druid of the Gulthmere issues several warnings to Chondath regarding the continued cutting of the Chondalwood, but is ignored. »

  • A gold and silver rush in the Deepwing Mountains begins. Lachom is founded, and is swiftly controlled by Chondath. »

  • 267 DR [Year of Bane's Shadow]
  • The Crushed Helm Massacre
    Chondath sends a force inside the Chondalwood and are massacred. Of the 10,000 men who went into the woods, only about 200 survived and escaped the elves and wood giants.

    Lumberjacks abandon the Chondalwood and establish the city of Hlath near the Nunwood.

    Battle of Fallen Trees
    The Chondathian logging towns of Timindar and Orbech are destroyed by elves attacking from within the Chondalwood. »

  • 270 DR [Year of the Unheeded Warning]
  • Chondath troops begin massing at the soutern border of Turmish. The squabbling merchant houses of Turmish unite behind the rule of Alesam Mischwin. Turmish and Chondath fight to a stalemate and Chondath retreats. »

  • 285 DR [Year of Wasteful Pride]
  • The slave-nation of Nimpeth is founded and becomes the first city-state in the Vilhon Reach to withstand the armies of Chondath. Numerous attempts to take it over militarily prove fruitless. »

  • 300 DR [Year of the Late Sun]
  • Shieldmeet Mock wars are staged between representatives of Turmish and Chondath, which continues to this day. »

  • 320 DR [Year of the Bright Plumage]
  • The cities of Nleeth, Amah, and Reth are established as training centers for the mock combat between Turmish and Chondath. »

  • 382 DR
  • Birth of Mulsantir I Illistine, distantly related to the royal family of Chondath. »

  • 400 DR [Year of the Blue Shield]
  • Chondath aides the cities of Chondathian (Saerloon) and Chauncelgaunt (Selgaunt) against an orc and goblin horde. After the hordes are driven off (though the defenders continue to battle the humanoids for the next fifteen years), Chondath keeps their soldiers in the two cities. »

  • 614 DR [Year of the Shattered Scepter]
  • Hlondeth finally becomes independent of Chondath. House Extaminos rules unseen from behind the throne for the next four centuries. »

  • 680 DR [Year of the Long March]
  • Chondath mercenary forces begin the long march home after ensuring the collapse of the second Untheric Empire. »

  • 884 DR [Year of the Singing Arrows]
  • The Battle of Singing Arrows
    The elves destroy a large mercenary force in the Dragonreach coastal Chondathan human settlements that have commonly become known as Sembia. This even frustrates human plans to conquer all of what is now Cormyr and the Dales, brings the survival of the Sembian colony into doubt, and delays the eventual founding of an independent Sembia. »

  • 900 DR [Year of the Thirsty Sword]
  • The Rotting War
    Beginning of the Rotting War in Chondath as civil war breaks out. The succubus Soneillon, now acting as the consort of the archmage Whinonas Ferentier of Hlath, sows the seeds of corruption that leads to this war. »

  • 902 DR [Year of the Queen's Tears]
  • The Rotting War
    The bitter civil war in Chondath earns its title as necromantic magic decimates the battlefield on the Fields of Nun. Plague soon sweeps throughout the land. Chondath breaks up into a nation of loosely aligned city-states. »

  • Chondath formally grants independence to the Sembian city-states Chondathian (Saerloon) and Chauncelgaunt (Selgaunt). »

  • 966 DR [Year of the Squire]
  • Rondyl Darusk meets a bloody end at the hands of the "Bandit Wizard" of Chondath, a brigand harrying between the Vilhon and the lands of Chessenta and Mulhorand. The Leaves of Green (artifact of Silvanus) is lost. »

  • 1150 DR [Year of the Scourage]
  • Chondath regains power (including regaining control of Hlath), lending its considerable mercenary power to foreign conflicts, most noticeably the internal struggle in Chessenta »

  • 1386 DR [Year of the Halfling's Lament]
  • A portion of Toril's sibling world Abeir violently exchanges places with large section of Chondath and western Chessenta. Displaced genasi from the Abeiran land of Shyr quickly set about creating a kingdom of their own.

    The former expanse of the Sea of Fallen Stars is altered when wide portions of the landscape collapse into the Underdark. When the sea level reaches its new equilibrium, the average drop in water level measured nearly 50 feet. The waters of the Vilhon Reach were similarly drained, uncovering several drowned ruins from ancient Jhaamdath.

    The shallow Gulph of Luiren is formed when the hin nation is swallowed up by the Great Sea. »