• c. -370 DR
  • Work begins on Citadel Adbar, since the Narrow Sea's destruction by phaerimm lifedrain magic leaves Delzoun's eastern front exposed. »

  • -272 DR [Year of the Songstones]
  • Citadel Adbar is completed. »

  • -100 DR [Year of the Black Unicorn]
  • The dwarf realm of Delzoun, the Northkingdom, falls to encroaching phaerimm and other dangers. The dwarves' surface citadels survive the attack and remain in dwarf hands (these include Citadel Adbar, Citadel Felbarr, Mithral Hall, and Sundabar). »

  • 350 DR [Year of the Hunter]
  • Citadel Adbar is built in the North by King Adbarruns of Delzoun. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Bruenor Battlehammer retakes Mithral Hall (with aid from his fellow Companions of the Hall, soldiers from Silverymoon and his dwarven clan, dwarves from Citadel Adbar led by Dagna Waybeard, and wizards from the Harpell family) from the minions of the now dead shadow dragon Haerinvureem (Shimmergloom) and is crowned the eighth king of Mithral Hall. The first mithral goods begin coming to market in late autumn.

    Heading to Silverymoon at the invitation of Alustriel, Drizzt comes acros the path of a band of monsters and their slaves. Joining with a band of farmers from Pengallen, they defeat the band, though not before one of the slaves, a goblin named Nojheim, escapes. Having been told the goblin was a captured war band leader who was to have a trial, Drizzt tracks him down and returns him, whereupon he learns that Nojheim is as temperamentally different a goblin as Drizzt is a drow. Traveling to Silverymon to appeal to Alustriel's sense of justice, Drizzt isn't there to stop Nojheim's owner from hanging him. »

  • 1358 DR [Year of Shadows]
  • The Dwarven Gods roam Citadel Adbar, Ironmaster, the Earthfast Mountains, and the Great Rift, slaying many orcs and other fell creatures during the Time of Troubles. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • League of the Silver Marches:
    To counter the rise of Obould's Kingdom of Dark Arrows and thwart future evils of the North, High Lady Alustriel of Silverymoon gathers the leaders of the region to council. From Old Delzoun, the Moonlands, and the Rauvin Vale come elf, human, and dwarf lords to seek answers to their common troubles. Out of that oft-stormy meeting comes the High Lady's Alliance, a confederation of city-states known as Luruar (the League of the Silver Marches). The initial members are; Silverymoon, Citadel Adbar, Deadsnows, Jalanthar, Quaervarr, Citadel Felbarr, Everlund, Mithral Hall, and Sundabar.

    With the expenditure of considerable time and resources, Alustriel decides aid Nesme's First Speaker, Tessarin Alaurun and rebuild Nesme. She sends a large detachment of Knights in Silver to drive the trolls back into the Evermoors. Refugees displaced from their homes due to the new orc nation of Many-Arrows are encouraged to go to settle in Nesme (in effect doubling Nesme's current population). By the winter of next year, the city's defenses are solid, and with the vigilant patrols of the Riders of Nesme and the Knights in Silver (along with a small force of Uthgardt barbarian mercenaries), the city has regained a semblance of safety. »

  • 1484 DR [Year of the Awakened Sleepers]
  • The Battle of the Cold Vale
    The half-drow Doum'wielle Armgo, disguised as an elf and an envoy from the Moonwood, convinces Bromm, one of the twin kings of Citadel Adbar to travel to the Moonwood. Bromm and his entourage of dwarves are ambushed by drow, lead by Tiago Baenre and the white dragon Arauthator. Tiago kills and beheads Bromm. »

  • 1488 DR [Year of Dwarvenkind Rebord]
  • The Alliance of Luruar begins to fall apart, due to the lack of aid for Sundabar during the War of the Silver Marches from Silverymoon. Because of this, all the dwarven states leave Luruar. »