• -1471 DR
  • The floating enclave of Thultanthar (present-day City of Shade) is created in Netheril. »

  • -339 DR [Year of Sundered Webs]
  • The Netherese floating cities of Selunarra and Thultantar escape the destruction of Netheril by transporting their enclaves and entire populations to the Gates of the Moon and the Plane of Shadow respectively. »

  • 1371 DR [Year of the Unstrung Harp]
  • Winter Solstice Galaeron Nihmedu leads his patrol into an ancient crypt housing seven Aryvandaaran nobles. The patrol tracked down a band of humans and followed them through a dwarven tunnel to where they were using a beholder to carve a path to the Sharn Wall. The humans were trying to locate Melegaunt Tanthul, one of the 12 Princes from the ancient Netherese city of Shade. The elves had a small skirmish with the crypt-breakers, and then Melegaunt himself appeared. Galaeron’s and Melegaunt’s magical bolts collided, creating an explosion that punctured a hole in the Sharn Wall (due to the collision of weave and shadow weave magic), and thus freeing the phaerimm. The phaerimm begin a siege of the elven city of Evereska.

    The leader of the human band, Vala Thorsdotter, was loyal to Melegaunt through a debt made by her great grandfather, Bodvar. As more phaerimm escaped through the breach, they began gathering armies of bugbears, illithids, and beholders. Melegaunt, Vala, and Galaeron goes on a journey to stop the phaerimm, Melegaunt leading the way but not telling them where they were going. On their journey, they are eventually accompanied by a little man named Malik el Sami yn Nasser (actually the Seraph of Lies, the highest honor bestowed by Cyric) and Aris, a stone giant priest whom Galaeron rescued from beholders serving the phaerimm. Along the way, Melegaunt took advantage of Galaeron’s sorcery skills to teach him how to use the Shadow Weave. »

  • 1372 DR [Year of Wild Magic]
  • Hammer 1 Galaeron Nihmedu uses the Karsestone to create a gate that transports the ancient floating city of Thultanthar and its Shadovar from the Plane of Shadows back to Faerûn.

    The Shadovar, led by Telamont Tanthul, find themselves floating over the Dire Wood. Almost immediately, the princes of Thultanthar (now known more commonly by its translated name of Shade) begin looking for Netherese ruins and artifacts as well as spying on people and places that could possibly hinder their ultimate goal of creating a new Netheril in their image. »

  • Mirtul 15 The City of Shade rescinds its offer of alliance to Waterdeep. »

  • Mirtul 27 Aware of Cormyr's preparation for an assault on the City of Shade, the Shadovars gather an army and march on Tilverton. During the ensuing battle, Vangerdahast releases a potent magical weapon against the Shade army. The interaction of this weapon with the Shadow Weave releases a spectacular surge of energy that utterly destroys Tilverton. All that remains of the city is a dark, concave space filled with shadow and flitting regions of deeper darkness. »

  • Eleasis 2 The Shadovars lose the Karsestone when several of Mystra's Chosen (Khelben Arunsun, Laeral Silverhand, Alustriel Silverhand, Dove Falconhand, Storm Silverhand) and the stone giant Aris attack and damage Shade's mythallar, temporarily crippling the enclave. Galaeron Nihmedu, after having a falling out with the ruler of Shade, Telamont Tanthul, rescues Vala from Prince Escanor.

    Elves and their allies drive the phaerimms out of Evereska in a tenday, and the city's mythal is restored by month's end, aided by Galaeron.

    Galaeron's father dies while fighting the phaerimm and inherits his lordship. Galaeron is offered the position of Master of the Defenses by Lord Duirsar (who replaces Kiinyon Colbathin, who also died in the war), but turns it down, choosing instead to travel with Vala to her home, the Granite Tower, in Vaasa, along with his spirit-deep mate, the wood elf Takari Moonsnow. »

  • The Shadovar city of Shade attempts an attack on Shadowdale. Dove Falconhand blasts one of the shadow princes with silver fire. Since Shadovars are living shadow magic, and silver fire pure weave magic, the collision tears a rift to the Nine Hells. Elminster, realizing that the only way to close the portal before a legion of baatezu pore forth into Toril was to close it from the other side.

    Once in the Nine Hells, he is abducted and enslaved by an outcast Arch-Devil known as Nergal, who wishes to discover the secret of Mystra's silver fire. While the arch-fiend continued to plunder Elminsters thoughts and memories, Mystra becomes aware of her favorite servant's plight and enters the Nine Hells herself to find him. Realizing that her presence was less than inconspicuous (due to the Pact Primeval that prohibits the presence of any god in the Nine Hells), Mystra retreats and dispatches more subtle agents to find him.

    First Halaster Blackclock, who Mystra promises to cure his madness. He is defeated by the hordes of baatezu.

    Mystra then sends the Symbul. After much searching, the Simbul finds Elminster (and Halaster), and together they defeat Nergal and return home.

    Mystra keeps her promises and partially cures Halaster. The goddess then blasts Asmodeus with Halaster's insanity. »

  • Malygris, the suzerain of Anauroch and a dracolich of the Sembian Cult of the Dragon cell (who was sent to Anauroch to disrupt Zhentarim's trade activity through the desert) is forced to bow down to High Prince Telamont Tanthul of Thultanthar (Shade). »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Kythorn 16 Several Princes of Shade attack Daelegoth Orndeir and his congregation. Despite heavy casualties, the Shades are driven off and Daelegoth performs a second miracle, raising the dead and healing the wounded. »

  • 1380 DR [Year of the Blazing Hand]
  • Sembia comes entirely under the rule of the Twelve Princes of Shade of the City of Shade and begins its transformation into a state of Netheril. »

  • 1463 DR [Year of the Reborn Hero]
  • Spring Equinox The fallen Companions of the Hall (Bruenor Battlehammer, Wulfgar son of Beornegar, Catti-brie, and Regis) whose souls were taken to Mielikki's Iruladoon, are given a second chance by the goddess in order to help their friend Drizzt Do'Urden. They are reincarnated as newborns all across Faerun.

    • Bruenor Battlehammer as Reginald Roundshield (little Arr Arr), son of the captain of the guard of Citadel Felbarr, Reginald Roundshield Sr.
    • Catti-brie as a bedine girl of the Desai tribe named Ruqiah in the Anauroch desert near Shade Enclave. Her parents were Kavit and Niraj.
    • Regis as an impoverished halfling in Delthuntle, whose mother had water gensai blood. He later takes the name Spider Parrafin.


  • 1487 DR [Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant]
  • Marpenoth 13 The flying city of Shade moves directly against Myth Drannor.

    Princes of Shade Vattick Tanthul is killed by Dove Falconhand.
    Dove then succumbs to injuries sustained during her battle with Vattick while rallying the baelnorn of Myth Drannor to come out of their tombs and defend their city.

    Telamont Tanthul drains the energies of Myth Drannor's mythal in order to turn the new Weave into a Shadow Weave for his mistress.

    Larloch strikes against the elves in the confusion and the Srinshee appears to defend them. The Srinshee sacrifices herself to wrest the stolen Weave energy from Larloch (which was part of his plans to become the new god of magic) and Telamont and bolster Mystra's new Weave. She also teleports Ilsevele Miritar and Fflar Melruth to safety in Semberholme.

    Shade eventually crashes into Myth Drannor but a hastily erected ward protects the Tree of Souls from the impact.

    Elminster assassinates Telemont Thantul. »