• Giant Wars
  • -5360 DR to -5350 DR
    More than five thousand giants of Nedeheim fall to the dwarves of High Shanatar under the leadership of Karlyn of House Kuldevar. By the war's conclusion, more than half of the entire giant population south of the Cloud Peaks is exterminated, and the giant realm of Nedeheim is reduced to scattered clanholds. »

  • 128 DR [Year of the Addled Arcanist]
  • The Raurinese wizard Hilather, after millennia trapped in temporal stasis, begins to explore Faerun. He is hired by the Imperial Court to develop a more secure means of binding fiends to the will of their summoners. He establishes himself in an abandoned tower in the remote emirates of Torsil, which lies along the Sword Coast between the Cloud Peaks and Candlekeep. »

  • 1374 DR [Year of Lightning Storms]
  • Midsummer The city of Murann and settlements all along the Trade Way from the Cloud Peaks to the Wealdath come under attack by packs of stingers emerging from newly constructed sinkholes that lead down into the Underdark. The leaders of these packs are said to emply giant-sized magic weapons and armor and demand repayment of all treasure plundered from far-off Maztica. »