• -5000 DR
  • Midsummer The Twelve Nights of Fire
    Uvaeren is destroyed by a falling star whose impact opens a hundred-mile-ling and thirty-mile-wide clearing in Cormanthor's treeline. The coronal and nearly all of Uvaeren's noble houses die instantly or during the conflagration. Few Uvaeranni escape to the safety of deeper Arcorar, aside from those few dozen away from the realm during this disaster. »

  • -3983 DR
  • Kahvoerm Irithyl is led by a vision to a hill in a clearing toward the northern border of the old realm of Jhyrennstar. There he plants the Crownblade, summoning the Rule Tower, first and tallest of the spires of Castle Cormanthor, founding the city that would come to be Myth Drannor. »

  • -2439 DR
  • The Spiderfires
    Drow inflict the greatest damage upon the forests since the Twelve Nights of Fire by setting the southern Rystall Woods aflame with a swarm of spiders made from arcane fire. After a long, dry sumer, the woods burn easily. This clear nearly one hundred miles of forest south of the River Tesh, severs the southernmost part of the woods around and to the west of the Twisted Tower from the greater Rystall Woods, and widens the cleared lands between them and Cormanthor. »

  • -2200 DR
  • Start of the Tenth Rysar of Rystall Wood.

    Two elves, forbidden lovers long kept apart by their feuding families, secretly ask the coronal for aid. He helps them stage their "deaths" and the two are transformed together to become the first baelnorn sworn to the coronal and to Cormanthor, rather than to a particular house. Forever apart in life, the Guardian Paramours become the most faithful defenders of the grounds of Castle Cormanthor. »

  • -1535 DR
  • Yrlaphon established among the eastern woods, across the River Lis from Cormanthor. »

  • -1200 DR
  • Numerous settlements and many more elf patrols fall before a trio of nycoloths rampaging through the forest of Cormanthor. Rumors say jealous Netherese archwizards summoned and sent the yugoloths in to the Elven Wood merely to test what magics they had to array against Netheril. In truth, the archwizard Aldlas Sodhese sought the long-missing Nether Scrolls (the source of Netherese magic). He had tracked the artifacts to somewhere within the Elven Woods, and he summoned the greater nycoloths to wreak havoc and uncover his ancestor's greatest magic.

    The nycoloths, while normally competitive and argumentative, worked well together in their roles as strategist (Aulmpiter), stealthy warrior (Malimshaer), and terrible berserker (Gaulguth). The trio destroyed many villages of elves, whole tribes of satyrs and centaurs and at least two green dragons under Cormanthyr's boughs.

    Despite his not-inconsiderable power, Aldlas Sodhese was sorely outmatched against elven High Magic and bladesingers armed with magic enough to give the Khov'Anilessa pause. While elven casualties were still high over the daylong battle, they managed to nearly slay Gaulguth and Malimshaear and subdue Aulmpiter. Aldlas died when, in a spellbattle against the Grand Mage, an arcane hand reached to wring and twist his mantle around him, crushing him under the power of his own shattering magic.

    Coronal Miirphys, the High Mages, and a number of priests then used the N'Quor'Khaor High Magic ritual to bind and imprison the three. The nycoloths' invisable undetectable subdimensional prison floated high above the city of elves, unnoticed by all. It could be permeated by all sorts of energy and matter, yet it held the nycoloths as if its walls were adamantine. The nycoloths kept all their items and weapons, since their prison rendered both them and their equipment powerless and unable even to return to their home planes. They floated more than a mile above the capital, where they looked down upon the growing splendor of the city they failed to destroy. The elves set the binding ritual so that the only key to freeing the three was when a "red dragon that never knew malice or greed in its heart flies over the Coronal's throne". »

  • -612 DR [Year of Sudden Mourning]
  • The coronal of Cormanthor's seventh son, Eltargrim, is born in Semberholme. »

  • -223 DR [Year of Burning Briars]
  • The Sixth Rysar of Cormanthor (Myth Drannor) begins with the realm's greatest warrior, Eltargrim, taking his first steps toward magic (and High Magic). »

  • -200 DR [Year of Stonerising]
  • First Dalesmen cross the Dragon Reach to the southern reaches of Cormanthor. Coronal Eltargrim designates the old settlement at Semberholme and its environs as a santuary and refuge for elves displaced by this migration. »

  • -75 DR [Year of Leather Shields]
  • The human realm of Teshar is founded in the cleared lands between Rystall Wood and Cormanthor. »

  • -9 DR [Year of Fell Traitors]
  • The Circle of Flames, a wizards' cabal, forms in the city of Cormanthor. The group consists mainly of retired or current Akh'Faer wizards and their apprentices. »

  • 112 DR [Year of the Tusk]
  • Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands. »

  • 132 DR [Year of Thirteen Prides Lost]
  • The wizards of the Circle of Flames in Cormanthor begin to record the Scrolls Ardentym this year. »

  • 220 DR [Year of the Sword Violets]
  • Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl opens the forest of Cormanthor (Myth Drannor) to non-elves, N'Tel'Quess, primarily druids, great wizards, and crafters who can add to the glory of Cormanthyr. »

  • 241 DR [Year of the Hippogriff's Folly]
  • In late autumn, the former and sole surviving Prince of Athalantar, Elminster Aumar, enters the city of Cormanthor both to serve Mystra's will and to return the kiira (lore gem) of House Alastrarra. »

  • 245 DR [Year of the Dun Dragon]
  • King Iltharl abdicates the throne of Cormyr to his sister Gantharla "First Queen". Iltharl retires north to Cormanthor to live with the elves. »

  • 290 DR [Year of Full Cribs]
  • This year marks the greatest number of births in Cormanthor's history. While only half are elf babies, there are more full-blooded elves born in this lone year than in the previous decade. The coronal deems this a sign of the realm's health and the righteous of his quest for unity among all the races. »

  • 292 DR [Year of Frostfires]
  • Gnomes walk the sylvan glades of Myth Drannor for the first time since escaped gnome slaves passed through Cormanthor in Netheril's time. »

  • 669 DR [Year of the Brutal Beast]
  • Abarat the Alabaster, an elf archmage with a reputation for plane-walking, resigns as the head of the Six Tyryl Towers wizards' school and announces plans to build a tower north of the city (Myth Drannor) and Cormanthor in the western reaches of what the elves called the Beast Marches (soon to be called Thar). There he begins to build a tower out of magically strengthened ivory, declaring that not only would it be a pillar of strength against the onslaught of evil creatures from the north, but it would connect the elf nations and become a hub for trade and travelers. »

  • 671 DR [Year of the Shrouded Slayer]
  • Twenty months after building an ivory tower north of Cormanthor, the moon elf wizard Abarat contacts former associates for aid against a besieging army of monsters.
    Though some arrive within hours of receiving the magical message, they discover that both Abarat and the monsters are all missing, as are any external signs of anything amiss. Abarat was never found or heard from again, but his unfinished tower of pure ivory, thereafter known as Abarat's Folly, still stands as a monument of elf wizardry and as a beacon to adventurers seeking gates to the planes that many claim to have seen inside. »

  • 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Alturiak 30 Standing Stone's Blood (Weeping War: Campaign #6)
    A.K.A.: Vow Stone's Defense
    This battle, the last to involve non-Cormanthans in the Weeping War, was the only conflict ever to take place at the clearing around the Standing Stone. Despite their best efforts, many scouts and N'Vaelahr agents died before they could report the movements of a number of Darkness factions. They managed to unite south and east of the Standing Stone, though at least six of their "slain" N'Vaelahr managed to get word to Arms-Captain Selorn in Myth Drannor, so resistance forces could be assembled before they reached the city again. The two groups met at the Standing Stone, to find that the commanding fire giant colonel had conscripted two young green dragons to their side to counter the silver and electrum dragons allies of the elves. United with the Dalesmen and Cormyreans of the Snowsblood Trail, Cormanthyr's forces held the day thanks to the masterful strategies of Captain Selorn.

    Among those who perished in the war include Colonel Arak "Blazebeard" and the green dragons Praelorisstan and Agoshyrvor the Verdant. »