• The First Flowering
  • -24000 DR to -12000 DR
    The Sundering

    Faerun, circa -23,000 DR

    The great elf civilizations of Faerun reach their peak during this age. As a result of the elves' success against the orcs, dragons, and giants, the other races thrive in safety and begin the slow climb to civilization.

    During the next several millennia, elf civilizations mark time by the reigns of rulers. The Elven word rysar is used to define a span of important time or generation, depending on its context. As a time measurement in this context, one Rysar encompasses the reign of a particular ruler, or coronal. »

  • -15300 DR
  • The elvish Vyshaan clan rises to power in Aryvandaar under Coronal Ivosaar Vyshann. »

  • -10600 DR
  • End of the Third Crown War
    Aryvandaar conquers Shantel Othreier after the mysterious death of Coronal Ynloeth. Only Ardeep, a vassal realm of Shantel Othreier, continues to resist the Vyshaar. Guerilla fighting and rebel mages arise in parts of Miyeritar and the newly conquered territories. »

  • -9900 DR
  • Aryvandaar's covert persecution of High Mages and priests begins, as they attempt to destroy or control any who might somehow force their descent as they did the drow. Although not destroyed utterly, Illefarn and its colony in the Llewyrrwood (present-day Neverwinter Wood) are annexed by Aryvandaar as its nobility of priests and High Mages died under the persecution of the increasingly-crazed Coronal Gillvas Vyshaan. Many elves of both lands flee to the remnants of Shantel Othreier. »

  • -8800 DR
  • Founding of the elven realm of Rystall Wood and its First Rysar begins with its first crowned Coronal. »

  • -8200 DR
  • Founding of Uvaeren. Its First Rysar begins with the crowing of its first coronal. »

  • -7600 DR
  • The Second Rysar of Jhyrennstar begins under the Coronal Hoccar. »

  • -7400 DR
  • The Third Rysar of Uvaeren begins after the sudden death of the coronal while hunting. The new coronal Kiyuigh, is more militarily disposed and begins proactively attacking orcs and giants in the mountains. »

  • -6900 DR
  • Coronal Kiyuigh dies on his 100th foray into the mountains. The Forth Rysar of Uvaeren starts with the new Coronal, the blind Great Scholar Eltaor, who restores Uvaeren's reputation as a learned realm. »

  • -6800 DR
  • The Third Rysar ends in Rystall Wood, and the Fourth Rysar starts at the crowning of Naevys Caersaelk, the first female Coronal of the realm of Arcorar. »

  • -6500 DR
  • Coronal Hoccar dies, ending the Second Rysar of Jhyrennstar; the Third Rysar begins with his niece, the Coronal Hallija. »

  • -6300 DR
  • Coronal Eltaor dies by palimpset. The Fifth Rysar of Uvaeren sees the election of the young, vibrant Coronal Intevar. »

  • -6200 DR
  • The Forth Rysar of Rystall Wood gives way to the Fifth Rysar under the Coronal Esyae, daughter of Naevys, the previous Coronal. »

  • -5660 DR
  • Intevar's Librarium and some strongholds in Uvaeren are attacked by greedy elf wizards seeking knowledge of High Magic, to no avail. However, Intevar dies of a poisoned wound, ending the Fifth Rysar. The newest coronal of the Sixth Rysar is his apprentice and young wife, the Lady Mnuvae. »

  • -5590 DR
  • Esyae dies in a High Magic ritual gone wrong, and her young brother Mhaenal becomes the sixth coronal of Rystall Wood. »

  • -5000 DR
  • Midsummer The Twelve Nights of Fire
    Uvaeren is destroyed by a falling star whose impact opens a hundred-mile-ling and thirty-mile-wide clearing in Cormanthor's treeline. The coronal and nearly all of Uvaeren's noble houses die instantly or during the conflagration. Few Uvaeranni escape to the safety of deeper Arcorar, aside from those few dozen away from the realm during this disaster. »

  • Rystall Wood becomes a separate forest and realm after the Twelve Nights of Fire clear away the mountain and hill trees that attached it to Arcorar. Although an independent forest now, its coronal still convenes often with the leaders of the Elven Court. »

  • -4970 DR
  • Death of Coronal Mhaenal by monsters summoned into his bedchambers; the Sixth Rysar of Rystall Wood ends, and the ensuing murder investigation last for ninety years. »

  • -4900 DR
  • The Fifth Rysar of Jhyrennstar convenes under the warrior Coronal Khilseith. »

  • -4880 DR
  • Three nobles are identified as the plotters who slew the aged Mhaenal; the actual caster of the monster summons is executed, the others banished from Rystall Wood and Arcorar. The Seventh Rysar of Rystall Wood finally begins with the rise of Coronal Injros. »

  • -4200 DR
  • The impressionable Coronal Enajharas isolates Rystall Wood from all dealings with Arcorar, because her nobles claim that conspiracies against them whirl among the elves of Jhyrennstar. »