• -11743 DR
  • Establishment of Coryselmal, the Coral City, capital of Aryselmalyr in Seros. »

  • -11003 DR
  • Rise of the Aryselmalyr Empire
    Coryselmal, the grandest of the sea elf cities of Selmyr (an elven kingdom of the Selmal Basin), becomes the capital of the Aryselmalyr Empire over all the elf kingdoms of the Inner Sea.

    The Aryselmalyr calendar marks Year 1. »

  • -3002 DR
  • Birth of Myth Nantar
    Nantar, a small town on the slopes of the Hmur Plateau and long the center of Dukar culture, becomes Myth Nantar, City of Destinies, as the High Mages raises a mythal around the area. This becomes the site for much magical research and lore. It is the location of a new central academy for the Dukars, and other schools and towers in the city teach numerous other methods of magic brought by the former surface elves (and some hidden marids' magic). Any Dukars trained at Myth Nantar for the first time, must vow oaths of fealty to the empire and the coronal at Coryselmal. »

  • -1588 DR
  • Attempts to raise a mythal over the sea elf capital of Coryselmal fail. Feeling betrayed by the Seldarine, Coronal Essyl Merynth of Aryselmalyr succumbs to the whispers of Dagon and begins sliding quietly into madness. »

  • The Sixth Seros War
  • -255 DR to -215 DR
    The fall of Jhaamdath sees the destruction of the undersea city of Coryselmal and the end of the Aryselmalyr Empire. All the powers once subject to the sea elves vie for control of Seros and the Sixth Seros War erupts. »

  • -255 DR [Year of Furious Waves]
  • Fall of Aryselmalyr
    Coronal Esahl Vesahliir and more than 40,000 sea elves and other aquatic sentients die instantly when the Esahlbane Monolith shatters Coryselmal. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • Flamerule 16 Disturbances at Coryselmal draw little attention, though many report hearing sounds of unleashed power from the ruins followed by deep laughter echoing along the currents. Koalinth activity picks up during and after this time. »

  • Flamerule 26 The Start of the Twelfth Seros War
    Deepwater War
    The monstrous wereshark Iakhovas (known as the "Threat From the Sea") finds an artifact in Coryselmal and uses it to shatter a large section of the Sharksbane Wall, destroying Akhanmyr and one of the Sea Unicorns guardposts in one explosion. The Xedran Reefs take this as a sign that their religious Time of Tempering has begun. Iakhovas and the sahuagin occupy Coryselmal for a time. »