• 875 DR [Year of the Stricken Star]
  • Algashon coerces Sammaster to attack Alustriel, intending to steal her silver fire through a vile ceremony while she was at a disadvantage. However, Alustriel called on Elminster and Laeral, and together the three Chosen killed Sammaster. Azuth then appears and strips Sammaster's body of its silver fire. After they depart, Algashon resurrects Sammaster who is now quietly mad but still blessed with long life and the ability to heal quickly.

    In the years that follow, Sammaster draws on his own translation of Maglas's prophecy, Algashon's whisperings, and ancient tomes unearthed from ruins beneath the Anauroch and Raurin deserts. Sammaster and Algashon founded the first Dragon Cult cell in the city of Chondathan (now the Sembian city of Saerloon) and set about creating all manner of draconic undead. »

  • 887 DR [Year of Fell Pearls]
  • The first "translations" of ancient prophecies by the mad Sammaster are distributed, including his specious work on Maglas's Chronicle of Years to Come. Sammaster becomes convinced that dead dragons would one day rule Toril, a path of belief he named the Scaly Way (which eventually becomes the Cult of the Dragon). »

  • 902 DR [Year of the Queen's Tears]
  • Sammaster and his cult create the first dracolich, Shargrailer through a ritual that is transcribed in the Tome of the Dragon, a holy relic that is later used by the many cells of the Cult of the Dragon to raise their own dracolich allies. The First Speaker (Sammaster) uses Shargrailer as a potent weapon against the former colonies of Chondath (later to become Sembia), and the Dragon Cult's coffers begin to overflow. The ranks of Sammaster's followers grows quickly, and new cells are started in Chancelgaunt (now Selgaunt) and Yhaunn. »

  • 905 DR [Year of the Rotting Word]
  • Sammaster finishes his principal work of the Tome of the Dragon, and copies begin to appear across Faerun as the philosophy of the Cult of the Dragon spreads. »

  • 916 DR [Year of the Sinhala]
  • The Harpers arrange an ambush of Sammaster and his Cult of the Dragon entourage as they travel to visit two green dragons just outside the tiny village of Hap in Battledale. Despite their efforts, Sammaster and his followers proved too powerful, until an avatar of Lathander appears and seemingly obliterates Sammaster. »

  • With Sammaster's apparent downfall, it leads to the first schism among the Followers of the Scaly Way - some followers remain loyal to the memory of the First Speaker and continue to operate openly, while others followed Algashon into secrecy and exile, first to Urmlaspyr and then west and north into the Western Heartlands and the North. Most cells are eventually forced by their enemies to follow Algashon into hiding or face extinction. This allows Algashon to return to Sembia and becomes the first of the Wearers of Purple. However, Algashon's view of the organization as primarily religious, commanding obedience to the Sacred Ones and Bane, soon clashed with the beliefs of the more pragmatic adherents, who saw the Dragon Cult as a means to further their own personal power. In time, the latter group found a leader in the archmage Tuelhalva Drakewings, but open skirmishing between the two sects soon force the Drakewings faction into hiding. »

  • 922 DR [Year of the Spouting Fish]
  • The great black wyrm Chardansearavitriol becomes a dracolich with the aid of Strongor Bonebag, a charismatic Priest of Myrkul with ties to the Cult of the Dragon »

  • 950 DR [Year of the Doomguard]
  • Cult of the Dragon cells number near one hundred at this time, the height of Cult power across Faerun since the organizations inception. »

  • 962 DR [Year of the Shandon Veil]
  • The Cult of the Dragon reaches farther south than ever before with the creation of a cell in, around, and beneath the city of Hlondeth in the Vilhon Reach. »

  • 971 DR [Year of the Children]
  • The Cult's further expansion in the south is halted by the church of Tiamat when an underground Cult cell "trespasses" on a similar group worshiping the Dragon Queen in the city of Surkh. »

  • 972 DR [Year of the Cairngorm Crown]
  • After the recent defeat in Surkh, dissidents within the Cult of the Dragon begin to openly question Algashon's leadership and the weighty influence the church of Bane has had in Cult operations in the preceding years, with the mage Tuelhalva Drakewings becoming a particularly outspoken opponent of the god of tyranny's place in the Cult.

    The Cult refocuses its efforts to expand in the North, creating at least 10 new cells in this time period. The only known failure of the Cult to infiltrate an area during this era is in Silverymoon. »

  • c. 995 DR to 1000 DR
  • Factionalism within the Cult increases with most members joining either Algashon Nathaire's reformational Baneinfluenced camp or Tuelhalva Drakewings' pragmatic faction. »

  • 1001 DR [Year of the Awakening]
  • Tuelhalva is sent south to Peleveran, a kingdom built along the Landrise of the Shaar, to investigate reports of an ancient undead dragon lurking in the catacombs beneath the capital city of Peleveria. Although he finds no dragons, Tuelhalva discovers the gathering evil of Gargauth and sees in the exiled archdevil the opportunity to break from the Sembian cell of the Dragon Cult and its Banite (Algashon) leadership.

    Factionalism among the Cult causes most to join (reformational Bane-influenced) Algashon or (the pragmatic) Tuelhalva Drakewings. »

  • 1005 DR [Year of the Pillaged Crypt]
  • The Cult of the Dragon establishes a cell in Mourktar by a follower of Algashon. The Mourktar Cell achieves early success by convincing Alasklerbanbastos to embrace dracolichdom in the wake of Tchazzar's apparent ascension to divinity. »

  • 1018 DR [Year of the Dracorage]
  • Tuelhalva summons an avatar of Gargauth to the Realms and calls for like-minded pragmatic Cult of the Dragon members in Sembia to join them in Peleveran and form a new cell far from the influence of Algashon. With the help of Gargauth, Tuelhalva quickly conquers the realm of Peleveran (located south of Chessenta). Gargauth betrays Tuelhalva by whispering words of their success to Algashon. The Banite priest musters an army of dragons, dracoliches and Cult members to destroy them. Both Algashon and Tuelhalva are slain.

    Because this battle unfolds during a continent-wide Rage of Dragons, few scholars realizes the destruction of Peleveran was the result of an interfactional battle within the Cult of the Dragon and not simply the larger Dracorage. »

  • The blue dragon Alasklerbanbastos allies with the Cult of the Dragon cell in Mourktar and is transformed into a dracolich. »

  • The Cult of the Dragon is blamed for dragon assaults on Zhentil Keep, and the Zhents begin to first recognize this organization as an enemy. »

  • 1222 DR [Year of the Horn]
  • The Harpstar Wars end, and the surviving Harper veterans who return to Faerun find the organization under the sway of the self-styled Harper King, the lich Thavverdasz, and also in conflict with the Cult of the Dragon. The final battles see the death of the Harper King at the hands of Szass Tam, Zulkir of Thay, who is in turn defeated by Elminster of Shadowdale, bringing the Harpers into conflict with Thay for the first time. »

  • 1225 DR [Year of the Winged Worm]
  • A Cult of the Dragon cell forms in the city of Elversult and the nearby port town of Pros. This cell worked with Hethcypressarvil, better known as Cypress the Black, a rare black dragon with psionic abilities. Although he eventually becomes a dracolich, nominally under the control of the cell leaders, Hethcypressarvil circumvents the controls used to "manage" a Sacred One and comes to dominate the cell as its leader. »

  • 1254 DR [Year of Silent Steel]
  • Corwin Freas, former Lord of Turmish, is assassinated. Operatives of the Cult of the Dragon are suspected. »

  • 1271 DR [Year of the Shattered Wall]
  • Mirtul 5 Warriors and mages of the Cult of the Dragon with the dracoliches Goarulskul the Black and Arlauthra Manytalons, attack the Holyheart Fastness in search of the Crysturm of Tranquility. A young treetender, Lorth Blaenarry, flees with the sacred sphere north and west.

    He reaches Turmish, where lurking Red Wizards of Thay recognize the sphere and try to grab him. They hunt him through the streets of Alaghon and Telpir and almost slay him in the woods near Starmantle Bay, but is able to escape with the help of a Harper sorcerer (who changes Lorth's appearance to look older and uglier). Lorth boards a ship bound for Zhentil Keep.

    In Zhentil Keep, Lorth is fortunate to be found by other Harper agents, who take him to the Border Kingdom. The Cult of the Dragon again catches up with him, but escapes when Zhentarim agents also attack. The Harper agents, in desperation, teleports Lorth alone into the heart of the Anauroch desert, to the holy site of Eldath, the House of the Moon.

    There the Green Goddess herself, Eldath, appears to Lorth, and whisks him to Neverwinter (but not before adding a new power to the sphere, and promising to add a new power whenever the sphere is brought back to the House of the Moon in need). Lorth devotes his life to serving Eldath and to bring the wilderness back to those places that has suffered under too many axes, ploughs and fires. »