• 112 DR [Year of the Tusk]
  • Cormyrean cartographers create the first recognized map of Cormyr, Cormanthor, and the Dalelands. »

  • 329 DR [Year of the Closed Scroll]
  • Hlondeth is abandoned when the encroachment of Anaurach begins to destroy its fields. Its inhabitants migrate east to the Moonsea and south into the Dalelands. »

  • 435 DR [Year of Willing Sacrifice]
  • Birth of Aubayreer Mindosel in Teshar in the Dalelands, the future first Mage-King of Milvarn. »

  • 713 DR [Year of the Firedrake]
  • Alturiak 30 Standing Stone's Blood (Weeping War: Campaign #6)
    A.K.A.: Vow Stone's Defense
    This battle, the last to involve non-Cormanthans in the Weeping War, was the only conflict ever to take place at the clearing around the Standing Stone. Despite their best efforts, many scouts and N'Vaelahr agents died before they could report the movements of a number of Darkness factions. They managed to unite south and east of the Standing Stone, though at least six of their "slain" N'Vaelahr managed to get word to Arms-Captain Selorn in Myth Drannor, so resistance forces could be assembled before they reached the city again. The two groups met at the Standing Stone, to find that the commanding fire giant colonel had conscripted two young green dragons to their side to counter the silver and electrum dragons allies of the elves. United with the Dalesmen and Cormyreans of the Snowsblood Trail, Cormanthyr's forces held the day thanks to the masterful strategies of Captain Selorn.

    Among those who perished in the war include Colonel Arak "Blazebeard" and the green dragons Praelorisstan and Agoshyrvor the Verdant. »

  • 1030 DR [Year of Warlords]
  • Corrupt Sembians and other foes put a bounty on the heads of the Mailed Mantle mercenary group (which included Aencar Burlisk). The members of the Mailed Mantle follow Aencar to Battledale.

    There, Aencar found his people being opressed by corrupt merchants and common thieves. The Mailed Mantle set to work to clear them out of Battledale, and Aencar is proclaimed the Lord of Battledale.

    In his nine years as the ruler of Battledale, Aencar did not sit idly. He looked after the Dalefolk in Battledale and he adventured against their enemies. The Mailed Mantle became the patrollers of Battledale, and visitors of Battledale noted its strong and competent leader. »

  • 1038 DR [Year of Spreading Spring]
  • Aencar Burlisk begins his campaign to make himself the King of the Dales. He persuads some to join his cause, such as Tasseldale and Shadowdale, and against the others he struck swiftly and surely, putting members of the Mailed Mantle in seats of power across the Dales.

    Aencar rules the majority of the Dales for six more years, and he rules them as masterfully as he ruled Battledale in his previous years. Aencar earns the title of "The Mantled King" as a result of his wearing a red hood and mask. He wore these items to hide a rotting disease that an enemy wizard had cursed him with. »

  • 1044 DR [Year of Singing Shards]
  • Aencar is invited to a feast in Essembra. This turns out to be a trap laid by evil mages who summons a dracolich to slay Aencar. One of his lieutenants defeats the dracolich, but Aencar was dead. One of the evil mages was Alacanther of Arrabar, who burns down Aencar in his keep. The ruins of Aencar's castle can still be seen from Rauthauvyr's Ride, the road running to the Standing Stone, and it has not been reoccupied since his death. The Dalelands splits up into independent, though allied communities.

    A descendant of Aencar's chief swordcaptain, Chancellor Ilmeth, rules Essembra, where a statue of Aencar stands, and serves as Battledale's delegate to the Dales Council. »

  • 1356 DR [Year of the Worm]
  • Kythorn Another great flight of dragons raid the Dalelands and the surrounding area. Maddened dragons from the Great Gray Land of Thar attack Phlan and Yulash, they are reduced to rubble.

    Zhentil Keep is heavily damaged and Arabel, Hillsfar, and Suzail fight off powerful dragons.

    Sylune Silverhand, (who was living in Shadowdale at the time) defeated three dragon (one red) by breaking a staff of the magi in a retribution strike, Sylune also dies.

    Silverymoon is spared when a wave of dragons is diverted away. However, the city is in morning with Lady Alustriel Silverhand (Sylune's sister).

    The Cult of the Dragon claims responsibility, but the true cause remains a mystery. »

  • Cormyr seizes Tilverton, installing a Lady Regent to rule it. The Forest Kingdom does this in the wake of the weakening of the Dales (particularly Shadowdale), to expand its influence into the Dales, and prevent Zhentil Keep from gaining control over the Dales and the trade route through Tilver's Gap. »

  • Lashan of Scardale attempts to take over the Dalelands and fails. He vanishes amid the ruins of Myth Drannor. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • Eleasis Duke Bhereu of Cormyr leads troops out of Tilverton and into the Dalelands, joining forces with Mourngrym Amcathra, lord of Shadowdale. Together, they destroy a dark elf caravan traveling near Shadowdale and help Randal Morn of Daggerdale fight off an orc incursion from the Desertsmouth Mountains. »

  • Nightal Heavy snowfall hits Cormyr and the Dalelands, up to a foot in some places. Several ships become trapped in ice on the River Lis. »

  • Shandril Shessair, a young maiden from Deepingdale, is pursued across the Dalelands and into Cormyr by both the Zhentarim and the Cult of the Dragon. Aided by the Knights of Myth Drannor and shielded by Elminster, the Seven Sisters, and Mirt of Waterdeep, she succeeds in fleeing from her pursuers into the Heartlands and slaying the dracoliches Rauglothgor, Aghazstamn, and Shargrailar (in the process doing damage to Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven).

    She later kills a clone of Manshoon, collapses Irondrake Rock, and slays the lichnee Iliph Thraun

    When hunted down soon after by more Zhentarim and Cult of the Dragon agents, she immolates herself in a conflagration of spellfire. »

  • 1369 DR [Year of the Gauntlet]
  • The cambion (half tanariri/half human) Vheod Runechild escapes from the Abyss to Toril. Soon after , he embarks on a quest to rid the Dalelands fo the powerful demon lord, the tanar'ri balor Chare'en. »

  • 1418 DR [Year of the Lord's Coronation]
  • Over the years, Sembian investors slowly bought up so much land in Featherdale that eventually Sembian administrators moved in. As a result, the Shadovar of Netheril "accidentally conquered" Featherdale. »

  • 1420 DR [Year of the Dark Goddess]
  • When Sembia was unable to subvert Tasseldale as bloodlessly and easily as it did Featherdale, mercenaries financed out of Yhaunn overran the area. Requests for aid from Archendale were rebuffed, and Tasseldale is eventually brought under Sembian rule. »

  • 1422 DR [Year of the Advancing Shadows]
  • Alarmed by Featherdale's bloodless capitulation to Sembia, Battledale begins to restrict trade and travel with Sembia. The dale comes under heavy attack by forces from Netheril and Sembia for its embargoes against its puppet states, forcing the evacuation of Essembra. »

  • 1425 DR [Year of Seven Sisters]
  • The Simbul of Aglarond is consumed in the fire that destroys the god Velsharoon. Aglarond breaks out into civil war with various groups trying to gain power over the country. Aglarond honors the Simbul by keeping the gods corpse - a powerful token in its own right - out of evil hands. (In truth, the Simbul survived the conflagration and now resides in the Dalelands with Elminster). »

  • Ashabenford, the capital of Mistledale has grown remarkably over the last century and now serves as the seat of the Dales Council. This organization has grown real teeth since Sembia began to conquer dales. The age-old Dales Compact is reaffirmed with Myth Drannor and the Standing Stone is restored (which was destroyed by drow roughly 15 years ago). »

  • 1428 DR [Year of the Elfqueen's Joy]
  • With aid from Myth Drannor, Harrowdale Town completes work on a defensive wall. The Seven Burghers announce a formal alliance with Myth Drannor and rename the city New Velar. Soon after Myth Drannor establishes an embassy in New Velar and begins construction on shipyards. »

  • 1440 DR [Year of Azuth's Woe]
  • The Swords, cloaked autocrats that previously ruled Archendale, are unmasked and found to be in Sembia's pocket. This dale staves off incorporation into Sembia only by becoming aware of the danger and making common cause with the remaining free dales. »