• Age of Humanity
  • -3000 DR to 1358 DR
    With the elf and dwarf empires in decline, this era marks a dramatic increase in human expansion on Toril. The Mighty human empires of Calimshan, Mulhorand, and Unther arise during this era, as well as the now lost empires of Nethril, Jhaamdath, Narfell, and Raumathar.

    Towards the end of this era is a time of exploration and discovery, when new continents are discovered in the west (such as Maztica) and trade is reestablished with the east (Kara-Tur). The Great Glacier retreats, uncovering the realms of Vaasa and Damara. »

  • -2475 DR
  • The Great Glacier continues to expand, covering the lands that will eventually be known as Vaasa and Damara. »

  • 1038 DR [Year of Spreading Spring]
  • A rotational shift of Toril causes a slight but permanent change in the world's climate patterns. Global temperatures rise, causing the Great Glacier to melt and recede; the lands of Vaasa, Damara, Thesk, Impiltur, and Narfell become free of ice. »

  • 1060 DR [Year of Fantastic Spectacle]
  • Damara's capital, Heliogabalus, was founded by Feldrin Bloodfeathers, the first King of Damara. »

  • 1242 DR [Year of the Yellow Rose]
  • The Monastery of the Yellow Rose is founded in Damara. »

  • 1347 DR [Year of the Bright Blade]
  • Zhengyi the Witch-King rises to power in Damara. He raises Castle Perilous in one night, then immediately begins winning the favor of the local goblins, giants, and orcs. He gained support from priests of Orcus, allowing him control of many undead creatures, and enlisted the help of the Grandfather of Assassins. »

  • 1348 DR [Year of the Spur]
  • Zhengyi attacks Damara and starts by occupying Bloodstone Pass, isolating a lot of mining operations crucial to Damara's prosperity. The armies invade Damara itself, massacring at every opportunity. Damara fights back, and the war continues for almost a decade, until in 1357 DR. »

  • 1357 DR [Year of the Prince]
  • The Battle Of The Ford Of Giliad
    Damara's army and the forces of Zhengyi reach a stalemate at the Ford of Giliad across the Giliad River. Zhengyi breaks this stalement by convincing the leader of the opposing army, King Virdin, that a magic wand could give him the ability to get his army safely across the river. In Damara it is believed that Virdin's chief lieutentant, Felix, is persuaded to defect and aid Zhengyi, who waits until the Damaran army is helpless in the river before making his move. King Virdin of Damara is killed in battle with Zhengyi the Witch-King »

  • 1359 DR [Year of the Serpent]
  • Six adventurers are recruited to protect Bloodstone Village from an army of bandits; Gareth Dragonsbane, Olwen Forest-Friend, Friar Dugald, Riordan Parnell, Celedon Kierney, and Emelyn the Gray. The folk of the village rally behind the heroes to face bandits in battle, even to stand against the undead forces of Banak, high priest of the demon Orcus, assassins from the Citadel of Assassins, and other creatures in league with the Witch-King Zhengyi of Vaasa.

    In battle, Kane personally defeats the Grandfather of Assassins.

    Kane (at the time the Master of Spring) is called back to the Monastery of the Yellow Rose after the death of Grand Master Poke. Kane declines to take Master Poke's position, but must stay to train the new Grand Master, Cantoule when Temmenische also declines the position.

    The rest of the adventuring companions return from an expidition to the Abyss, having stolen the Wand of Orcus, shattered it in the blood of an avatar of Tiamat (checking her plans once again), and returned to Damara with the blessing of Bahamut. Gareth brought with him the Tree-Gem, which once planted, represented Bahamut's covenant to protect Damara against the influence of demons as long as the kingdom of Damara allied itself with the forces of good. With the planting of the Tree-Gem, Bahamut regains his status as a true deity.

    With the destruction of Wand of Orcus, Zhengyi loses his power over the undead and his castle (Castle Perilous) crumbles. Zhengyi is destroyed and the second war between Damara and Vaasa ends. »

  • 1366 DR [Year of the Staff]
  • A Portal to an icy lower plane opens north of Damara, near the Great Glacier. A Gelugon named Vreesar comes through and conquers a tribe of gnolls, but is soon slain by the Harper Martine, who also closes the portal. »

  • 1373 DR [Year of Rogue Dragons]
  • Mirtul 2 Sammaster raises an army of orcs and giants in Vaasa by pretending to be the Witch-King Zhengyi reborn. The army takes the Bloodstone gates and floods into Damara. »

  • Flamerule 11 Metallic dragons leave their refuge in the Galenas and successfully rout the dragons besieging the Monastary of the Yellow Rose. King Gareth leads the Damarans to victory against the orc and giant army. »

  • 1459 DR [Year of the Forged Sigil]
  • Queen Brianne Dragonsbane is assassinated in Bloodstone. Civil unrest throughout Damara ensues. This distracts the realm of Bloodstone from the marshaling Vaasan armies in the north. »

  • 1484 DR [Year of the Awakened Sleepers]
  • Gromph Baenre brings Matron Mother Quenthel Baenre to the illithid Methil El-Viddenvelp, who infuses her with the memories and indeed some of the personality of their late mother, Yvonnel Baenre. Quenthel subsequently becomes much bolder in her actions and plans a Surface conquest for the glory of Lolth. Methil provides the "Darkening" spell to the drow wizard Tsabrak Xorlarrin to aid in Quenthel's plans.

    Jarlaxle is summoned back to Menzoberranzan to serve as a Captain of the Guard for the restored House Do'Urden. However, Jarlaxle bribes Gromph with psionics lessons from Kimmuriel in exchange for permission to return to the surface.

    Jarlaxle then goes to Damara and recruits the copper dragon sisters Tazmikella and Ilnezhara, and Afafrenfere and Ambergris O'Maul, in an attempt to counter Quenthel's plans against the Silver Marches. »