• 1344 DR [Year of Moonfall]
  • Mirtul Most High Moonpriestess Thurlara "Old Bones" Shaulauna, possessor of one of the rings of the Moonweb, Shelmroun, is missing. Her hand however is found, missing the middle finger (where Selunites customarily wear magic rings). The Selunites of the remote monastery of Corthoun, in the woods south of Loudwater (the nearest Selunite temple) had suffered a doppleganger infestation, one of which had replaced the High Moonlord Evren Thildaran, who was the possessor of one of the Moonweb rings, Amglaer. The battle between the priests and the shapeshifters ends with the temple in ruins.

    The Moonweb ring Tilithar is given by the Priestess of the High Moonlight to Blackstaff Tower and Lady Laeral, unfortunately the tower and the lady are illusions, and the ring and the priestess both vanish.

    Selunite priests beseech the goddess for guidance. She instructs them to guard the last ring, Enthandas, which was held at Tharynd in the mountains west of Dolphingulf. The temple is assaulted by feywings, darkenbeasts, and gargoyles, and the ring is lost.

    In the fall of this year, Selune manifests as moon radiance in every holy place of the faith and instructs her clergy that hence forth the rings of the Moonweb are no longer to be held in temples by ranking clergy but to wander the Realms in the hands of adventurers. The search for the rings however, continues. »

  • 1348 DR [Year of the Spur]
  • In Menzoberranzan, Liriel Baenre is given a vial of holding and a pair of boots of elvenkind by Gromph before her Blooding ritual. When her prey was revealed to be the human wizard Tresk Mulander, she refuses to take part in the ritual, believing that she should face a more monstrous creature, but both Xandra and her mother, Hinkutes'nat Alar Shobalar, insist. It is at this moment that Liriel realizes Xandra wants her dead. Xandra also gives her the key to the amulet of containment around Tresk's neck, although she did not explain its function.

    Liriel is caught by surprise by Tresk and a magical battle ensues, but she soon comes to realize that he is only using drow magic and that he knew a great deal about drow tactics. Liriel is able to cast a spell to disrupt Tresk's piwafwi, proof to her that Tresk had been assisted by other drow. When he summons a darkenbeast from a concealed mole on his body, Liriel is forced to use much of her magical strength against it, after which she capitulated. She threw the key to Tresk, which she had placed in the vial of holding. Tresk opens the vial without realizing what it was and becomes imprisoned within.

    Liriel returns to Menzoberranzan where she smashes the vial, unleashing Tresk, who attacks Xandra. She slays Tresk but not without suffering a deep wound to her face. Although Xandra tried to claim that the Blooding had not been fulfilled because Liriel had brought back Tresk alive, Liriel's argument was that she had been entitled to use whatever weapon she preferred to kill Tresk, and she had used Xandra as a weapon. This view was upheld by Hinkutes'nat, and Liriel was accepted as having fulfilled the Blooding. »