• -359 DR [Year of Boiling Moats]
  • Borem, one of the Seven Lost Gods, becomes active after long years of appearing as a simple muddy river. After a hot summer, the river broke it's banks and became a lake in the space of a tenday of rainfall.

    In their quest for godhood, the Dead Three (Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul) attack Borem in his home plane after making the connection between him and the river. The three slay Borem and steel his heart, which they bore to Mezeketh Isle and buried it there. »

  • -357 DR [Year of Sycophants]
  • A coalition of many peoples and races led by the three mortals who would become known as the Dead Three (Bane, Myrkul, and Bhaal), manages to bind the primordial Maram of the Great Spear (one of the Seven Lost Gods) and seal him back in the Elemental Chaos near Rystall Wood. »

  • -356 DR [Year of Stale Ale]
  • Tyranthraxus (one of the Seven Lost Gods) and his Twisted Ones attack the Kingdom of Barze. Some say the Dark Three (Dead Three) had a hand in setting Tyranthraxus against their former allies in Barze. »

  • -350 DR [Year of Craven Words]
  • Hassk summons the elder evil, Hargut of the Gray Pestilence, to combat a goblinoid horde. Hargut slays tens of thousands of goblins, consigning their souls to the Barrens of Doom and Despair.

    While Hargut was busy, three humans who would come to be known as the Dead Three, attacks and nearly slays Haask, revealing his true form as a doppleganger of the elder batrachi race. As Haask lay dying, the Dead Three persuade him to agree to a ritual that binds him and Hargut together as one entity under the command of the three. Hargut agrees and together they become Haask, Voice of Hargut, a fell entity bound to the Ironfang Keep and who would create many abominations and chimeric creatures. »