• -9000 DR
  • Spawn Wars
    Skirmishes break out between the eight subkingdoms of Shanatar as each fights to extend its borders at the expense of its neighbors. Over time, the skirmishes evolve into open warfare, pitting thousands of dwarves against one another. This series of conflicts is known as the Spawn Wars because the dwarves make extensive use of deepspawn-bred legions. »

  • 75 DR [Year of Clinging Death]
  • Moander hurls his forces an the "creeping evil" against the elven city of Tsornyl, blighting much of the surrounding woods. The magic of Moander twists all life, both follower and victim alike, into corrupt monsters, including deepspawn and shambling mounds. While the evil could not be destroyed, High Magic severed the creeping evil from Moander and imprisoned the corruption at Tsornyl (later called the Darkwatch and Moander's Crypt). »

  • 679 DR [Year of the Scarlet Sash]
  • Hillsafar is nearly destroyed by an army of deepspawn-bred monsters emerging from the tagled, treacherous Beast Marches to the west. The Akh'Velahr reinforcements of Cormanthyr succeed in dispersing the beasts by the first snowfall of winter. A small garrison of troops remains stationed in Hillsafar for the protection of the northern forest and villages until Myth Drannor's Fall (711 DR) »

  • 1112 DR [Year of the Perilous Storm]
  • Shalgreth of the Wings, who in his later years crafted wings for himself and sought (in vain) to found a race of winged folk by talking swanmays as consorts, gives the Crystrum of Tranquility (an artifact of Eldath) to the rangers' adventuring society known as the Men of the Green, seeing in them younger, more energetic defenders of the wilderlands than himself.

    The Greens are known to have used the sphere in their epic overland Hunt of the Beholder King - a quest that ended in tragic victory. They would slay the beholder, who would develop a spell allowing it to generate monsters, like a deepspawn). All the rangers would perish save one, Aulburne Mathtarke, who would take the sphere to Holyheart House in the Chondalwood (due south of Timindar), where he would die. There the Eldathyns would decide that the Crystrum of Tranquility would be better served in safe concealment and place Roathoald, a priest of Eldath, to be its keeper. »

  • 1367 DR [Year of the Shield]
  • Kythorn The deepspawn known as "Clusterfang" becomes an agent of the Twisted Rune when the Rune's original deepspawn known as "The One Below" is killed by Zaranda Star beneath Zazesspur. »

  • 1370 DR [Year of the Tankard]
  • Alturiak Two linked barges are found adrift in the River Sargauth with their crews and pilots missing. Their cargoes appear to have been picked over but otherwise have been left intact. Stranger still, a single egg measuring 3 feet across is found on board one barge stored on a bed of ice and frost. The Skullport Island Registry impounds the cargo and sells the egg, obviously that of a white dragon, at a sealed auction. Although the person of people who bought the egg never came forward publicly, rumors spread that Chantos Greybeard and Aurin the Generous of the Hired Horrors were seen leaving the Registry shortly after the auction closed. Speculation runs rampant that the Hired Horrors may be planning to mass produce white dragons with the assistance of their deepspawn.

    Two questions remain unanswered:

    • Is there a dragon's hoard lying hidden somewhere along the course of the river unguarded (perhaps off of one of the many gates)?
    • What if the unborn dragon's parents are not dead and come looking for their young?